GTA 6: Weapons That NEED To Return In Grand Theft Auto 6
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GTA 6: Weapons That NEED To Return In Grand Theft Auto 6

Nick Farrell
25 January 2020

What would GTA be without its arsenal of weapons? Here's what we want to see from GTA 6.

Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors and speculation continue to emerge as we speculate over the GTA 6 missions and mini-games that could appear in Rockstar's next action-adventure game. With the sixth year anniversary approaching since the release of GTA 5 and Rockstar Leeds recently advertising for a new role, which we believe has a direct link to GTA 6, fans are hoping for word of the next installment soon.

Every GTA titled is always fully loaded with a wide range of weapons for players to gear themselves out with. As the story progresses players are rewarded with unique weapon unlocks or the ability to purchase new ones, with a fully loaded arsenal at your disposal at all times, this got us thinking. What weapons need to make a return in Rockks Star Games newest title? 

AP Pistol 

A lot of your time in any GTA game is either spent in combat or in a car, and throughout the main storyline and portions of GTA Online, you may have to engage in combat while in a car. With this scenario in mind, it is always nice to have a trustworthy and reliable weapon in your loadout just in case some gang members or fellow online players plan to ruin your day.

The AP Pistol is one of the only fully automatic options that players can fire while in or driving a car, along with the Micro SMG these two options offer super high fire rates along with respectable damage outputs. But, with the AP Pistols high damage rate and overall better magazine size, this one reigns supreme. Including this weapon back into GTA 6 seems like a no brainer for fans and for Rock Star Games, one of the fan-favorite weapons in all GTA games it is still loved dearly. 

Heavy Sniper

A copy of the infamous military-grade Sniper Rifle the Barret 50 cal, the Heavy Sniper in GTA 5 is one of the most unique weapons throughout the story mode. During some missions, you are tasked with lookout duty or guarding a certain spot against opposing enemies and your best bet to succeed in this mission is of course the Heavy Sniper. 

Virtually a one-hit kill no matter where you hit the enemy, this Sniper packs a punch. Although you cannot unlock this weapon until level 90 in GTA Online if you know a player has access to this weapon you should be highly aware of it. A dominant Sniper Rifle being implemented into GTA 6 is almost a given for Rock Star Games it is just a matter of if they will copy and paste this one from GTA 5 or take a new approach on the famous rifle. 

Mini Gun

Rounding off our list of weapons that need to return in GTA 6 is the Mini Gun. Perhaps the most obnoxious and in your face weapon GTA 5 has to offer is also one of the best for any situation. With a 999 round ammo capacity, you can seemingly destroy anything in your path with that much ammo.

The Mini Gun is best suited during the Paleto Score mission during GTA 5's story mode, as you are tasked with navigating a whole town with military guards chasing you and the only weapon you have access to is the Mini Gun. The Mini Gun can rip through and destroy any tank, car, and solider the mission throws at you and it MUST be included for GTA 6.

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Nick Farrell

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