COD Champs 2019: Bracket, Schedule, Results, Recap, Groups & Format For Call of Duty World League Championship 2019
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COD Champs 2019: Bracket, Schedule, Results, Recap, Groups & Format For Call of Duty World League Championship 2019

Chris Trout
18 August 2019

Here is the COD Champs 2019 bracket, schedule and more for the Call of Duty World League Championship 2019

COD Champs 2019 day 4 was the best action we have seen all tournament long as 6 teams remain, all of whom are fighting for their share of the $2,000,000 prize pool. The COD Champs 2019 groups, bracket and format can be found in this article and will be updated regularly.

With Modern Warfare 2019 being the next time we will see the CWL, it will be a great way to to wrap up an epic season and spectators will want to grab their COD Champs 2019 tickets so they can spectate on the appropriate dates, the 16th-18th August.

This article will be updated throughout the COD Champs 2019 tournament, be sure to bookmark it and check back regularly!

cod champs 2019 stage

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Day 5 Schedule


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Day 4 Recap

It's no surprised that day 4 featured some of the best action of the tournament and potentially in COD Champs history. We're down to just 6 teams, with all 6 being made up of pro teams.

The GreenWall Stand Tall

Many doubted their ability to make it to this point of the competition, OpTic had yet another fantastic day at COD Champs as they dispatched two more teams. They began with Enigma 6, a flashy Hardpoint full of glorious solo plays helped them on their way to a 3-1 victory. Their momentum continued on as they also knocked Reciprocity down to the losers bracket with a 3-1 win.

eUnited's "Boring" Run

eUnited's run through champs has been called by many "boring" purely because of how efficient they have been at dispatching their opponents and little work they've needed to do it. Their first real test came against Evil Geniuses, who took them all the way to a Game 5 - of which they came out the victor (EG were eventually eliminated by 100 Thieves). Simp turned up the heat against UNITS, showing a gulf in class between the two teams.

The Enigma That Is E6

A team that not many would have predicted to make it this far is Enigma 6, they secured top 6 last night after defeating Luminosity. They showed no signs of their earlier defeat to OpTic Gaming denting confidence, Luminosity were looking strong and it was a surprise to see them eliminate LG - althought it took a game 5 to get it done. They will play UNITS next, another team that many would have doubted to make it this far, after a 3-0 sweep from eUnited knocked them into losers. With the winner facing off against the either Reciprocity or 100 Thieves, the losers bracket is not a comfortable place to be right now.

Best Play Of The Day

Day 3 Recap

Once again we said goodbye to more teams, 3 pro teams exited the competition after dropping down to the losers bracket - Envy, FaZe and Splyce.

Amateur Teams Continue To Impress

Sicario Gaming, Team War and Team Singularity all continue on in the competition with Sicario the only team to remain in the winners bracket. Sicario knocked Team Singularity down to the losers bracket, despite how strong they looked in groups, where they eventually eliminated Envy in convincing fashion. Envy looked to be in good form after a turbulent season, however a map 5 round 11 loss to UNITS sparked their downfall. Splyce's slow decline in form over the year slumped as they loss to Evil Geniuses and eventually Team War in one of the most intense games of the day.

100 Thieves Suffer Early Defeat

One of the tournament favourites were knocked down to the losers bracket after they fell to Luminosity. They bounced back with a close series win over FaZe, which eliminated the Red Militia, after they had suffered a lose to Team Reciprocity. OpTic Gaming fans will be optimistic that one of their closest rivals has fallen at such an early stage.

Best Play Of The Day

Day 2 Recap

The group stage of COD Champs 2019 concluded yesterday with 16 teams advancing to the group stages. Of the 16 pro teams that entered the competition, only 3 failed to make it to bracket play (GenG, Midnight Esports and UYU). A big congratulations to Team War, Team Singularity and Sicario Gaming as they will take their place in bracket play.


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Singularity Top Group E

Singularity were the only open bracket team to top their group, in doing so they managed to give Luminosity the opportunity to progress to bracket play. Singularity only dropped 2 maps and will now play Sicario Gaming with Luminosity facing 100 Thieves.

Move Over OpTic Van, Say Hello To OpTic Troph

There was a new member inducted into the Greenwall, many will remember OpTic Van - the infamous OpTic member was named after the van on the Black Ops 2 map Standoff exploded to stop UNiTE making a last moment flag capture to tie the scores at the MLG Fall Invitational in 2013. Yesterday, it was OpTic Troph that joined the team in their final appearance at a Call of Duty event.


Play of The Day

Day 1 Recap

GenG Eliminated On Day 1

An exciting first day of action at COD Champs 2019 for the most part went according the script, most of the CWL Pro League teams occupy the top two spots in their respective groups. However, the major upsets was GenG, who were the number 2 seed in the tournament, were eliminated on day 1. GenG, fighting in pool B, were defeated by both Fuego Gaming and Team War - both Amateur European teams. They will exit the competition alonside RBL Esports, Mazer Gaming, Animosity Esports and LGND Status GG.

cod champs 2019 day 1 groups

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Envy Turning Up When In Matters

Despite a poor season from the boys in blue, they've turned up when in matters as they managed to beat Sage eSports and Team Reciprocity both 3-2. There's still a lot of work to do in the competition and two unconvincing wins will still raise questions as to whether they can go all the way; they do sit top of pool D with one game left against LGND Status GG (who have already been eliminated).

cod champs day 1 groups

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Luminosity Wobble Again

Luminosity suffered a hot 3-0 loss to Singularity, a team made of some taleneted European players who will be familiar to many in competitive COD. They've looked like a shell of their former selves since their CWL Fort Worth victory. They still have two games left against UYU and Vanity, two games that are winnable for LG.

Play Of The Day


COD Champs 2019 is made up of 32 teams - 16 teams from the CWL Pro League and 16 teams from the CWL Amateur Finals from CWL Miami.

The Call of Duty World League Championship 2019 begins with 8 round-robin groups, featuring 4 teams in each group, where the top 2 teams will advance to the knockout stage. The group stage matches will take place on the 14th-15th August and will all be best of 5.

After the group stage, a double elimination stage begins with the remaining 16 teams on the 16th-18th August. When a team loses a series, they will drop down from the winners bracket to the losers bracket. And when a team has lost two series', they will be eliminated from the competition - again each match is a best of 5. The Grand Final will feature one team coming from the winners bracket and one from the losers bracket. The winners bracket team needs to win one best of 5 game to win the championship and the losers bracket team needing to win two best of 5 games to win the championship.

Game Types and Maps

Control: Arsenal, Frequency, Gridlock, Seaside
Hardpoint: Arsenal, Frequency, Gridlock, Hacienda, Seaside
Search and Destroy: Arsenal, Frequency, Gridlock, Hacienda, Payload

cod champs 2019 winners

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The COD Champs 2019 groups will take place on the 14th-15th August and are as follows:

Pool A: eUnited, Elevate, The Bhoys, Fire Sticks Gaming
Pool B: Gen.G, Enigma6, Team War, Fuego Gaming
Pool C: FaZe Clan, UNITS, Mazer Gaming, Team Divinely
Pool D: Team Reciprocity, Team Envy, SAGE Esports, LGND Status GG
Pool E: Luminosity, UYU, Team Singularity, Excalibur
Pool F: 100 Thieves, Midnight Esports, Sicario Gaming, Fury Gaming
Pool G: OpTic Gaming, Evil Geniuses, Carnage Gaming, Trainhard
Pool H: Splyce, Team Heretics, Aspire Esports, Hybrid Gaming

cod champs 2019 groups

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