A Scope into CWL Pro League: Week Four
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A Scope into CWL Pro League: Week Four

Chris Trout
4 March 2019

With the final week of the CWL Pro League coming to a close before the CWL Fort Worth Open, we witnessed many surprises from Division B: Denial Esports claimed their first win, alongside 100 Thieves remaining this week’s unbeaten team.

With the final week of the CWL Pro League coming to a close before the CWL Fort Worth Open, we witnessed many surprises from Division B: Denial Esports claimed their first win, alongside 100 Thieves remaining this week’s unbeaten team.


Team of the Week: 100 Thieves


100 Thieves are by far, noted as the most improved team throughout week four: after their only success in beating Denial Esports in week three, they began their unbeaten run against Envy. Their only defeat was found in Seaside Control, as 100T were unable to secure a single round, but ended their dispute in Arsenal hardpoint, leading 250-206. 
Next, they faced Excelerate Gaming: who only found success in Frequency Search and Destroy, yet that was the only map EXG could find. 100T was becoming noticed for their improvements throughout the week, including their successful series against Team Heretics and Enigma6. 
There is no doubt that 100 Thieves will make the top five in CWL Fort Worth.


Player of the Week: Priestahh


After playing a total of 26 maps in the Pro League so far, he makes the top three players with the highest K/D (1.22). He joins below Huke and Maux. However, Priestahh was confident in both Search and Destroy and respawn maps: averaging around a  1.20 K/D for each different game mode but was also one of the highest players in terms of damage per minute. 
In comparison to Priestahh’s performance under FaZe Clan at the CWL Pro League Qualifiers, he makes it to 47th on the list with an overall 1.03 K/D in 37 maps. Safe to say, sometimes all you need is a new start...


Best match of the Week: Denial Esports vs Splyce 


The best match of the week lands into Denial Esports’ hands after their first win against Splyce. A tense 3-2 finish pushed them away from being the bottom team, quickly securing another win against Excelerate Gaming.

Hacienda Hardpoint: Splyce 250-207 Denial

A strong start for Denial Esports as they found their catalyst in Hacienda Hardpoint. However, it was until Splyce found their weaknesses and the French roster could not win their challenges, therefore, unable to provide hill time. One player who stood out to me was Wailers: he pushed each gunfight and showed the aggression players should put into the game, even though he did not win every one. Overall, his K/D was an outstanding 1.52, with 29 EKIA over 19 deaths. 

Arsenal Search and Destroy: Splyce 6-3 Denial

Another win to advance Splyce’s lead during the Search and Destroy: Loony was unstoppable with a 3.0 K/D - Splyce throughout the map were very close together; allowing any push from Denial to be a guaranteed win, each challenge. Even as one player may be eliminated from the round, it gives the other one or two players to trade the kill they marked on their teammate. 
Splyce was one more map away from a quick 3-0 win… 

Arsenal Control: Splyce 0-3 Denial 

The game began to turn around after Splyce were unable to secure a single round during control. As for Denial, there was not a specific player in the spotlight as each one of the French roster worked as a team during the map: they were able to hold different points and position themselves where they could see all angles where Splyce may have tried to contest.

Frequency Hardpoint: Splyce 147-250 Denial

Denial was not ready to give the match up, taking the fourth map and entering a dreaded game 5. However, one thing Denial should work on is how all five players are not close and are slightly positioned away from each other - this isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but when all five players are being challenged by their opposition, they forget to rotate to their next point, allowing Splyce to take the first seconds. This then leads Denial to contest the hardpoint and specifically trying to time their challenges.

Payload Search and Destroy: Splyce 3-6 Denial

Denial Esports found their first win, after an intense dispute from Splyce. They only allowed 3 rounds to be given to Splyce but took away the win. When Denial was winning 4-2, they had to keep aware that although they only needed two points to take the victory, Splyce had their specialists ready: but rizK held a lightning strike in his hands, alongside three other teammates preparing to use their specialists in their final round. As for Splyce, they used their specialists during the previous round, leaving them to try and win each gunfight, but it was not able to happen. 
It was very refreshing to watch Denial claim their first win of the series, especially due to the number of talks from the CWL desk about Denial’s future with the organisation. Overall, I am excited to see how Denial plays out at CWL Fort Worth - I believe they will be showing a few surprises.


Review of the Division Table


As the CWL Pro League comes to a close whilst CWL Fort Worth begins March 15-17, Division B has had many surprises over the past fortnight: Team Heretics were knocked down from their hierarchy as 100 Thieves secured a 3-0 win against the Spaniards; if Heretics were able to clutch their game against Envy, they may still be on top…Yet, eUnited, Team Heretics and Splyce will continue to fight for a top placement in April. 
As for the bottom of the leaderboard, many were surprised to see Denial Esports take two wins this series, after the heavy amount of backlash the team has experienced from the CWL desk. However, as rostermania is now beginning to creep up on the players, will we still be seeing the same Excelerate Gaming roster for CWL Fort Worth and the Pro League? If they do change their roster, could they climb out of the bottom of the table?


CWL Pro League Recap (Week 4)



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Written by Alisha Wicks

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