Rocket League Grand Finals Recap: Gfinity Elite Series Delivered by Domino's Season 4
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Rocket League Grand Finals Recap: Gfinity Elite Series Delivered by Domino's Season 4

Stephen Marfleet
10 December 2018

After six weeks of intense Rocket League competition, the Gfinity Elite Series Delivered by Domino’s came down to one day of epic action as six teams had the chance of becoming Season 4 champions.

After six weeks of intense Rocket League competition, the Gfinity Elite Series Delivered by Domino’s came down to one day of epic action as six teams had the chance of becoming Season 4 champions. The series on Grand Finals day would be contested over best-of-seven series, and the day began with Season 3 finalists Envy taking on Epsilon.


Envy vs Epsilon

Game 1

Cheerio grabbed the first goal of the day inside 30 seconds of the first game, giving Epsilon the advantage early on. Winther then made a good save from Cheerio shortly after, with the Swede looking in the mood for goals. The same man then had a chance to make it 2-0 after a good infield pass from Bilbo, but his radar was off, and the shot drifted wide.

The score stayed at 1-0 to Epsilon heading into the last two minutes, and just as we reached the final 120 seconds of the contest, Bilbo made an excellent save to keep the lead intact. Epsilon put the pressure on Envy as they sought an extra goal to secure the win, but they couldn’t quite find the killer touch when it mattered. Envy couldn’t force any chances though, and Epsilon clung on to take the first game of the series.

Game 2

The second game started cagily, with no score for the first two minutes of the game. Cheerio was eventually the man who made the difference, as his wonderful pass was met by Sebadam, with his shot bounce down of the crossbar only to be diverted in by Mout. Bilbo then looked to put Envy on the back foot as we went for a flip reset, but Oscillon was well positioned to clear the ball away.

Epsilon’s dominance paid off a minute later, as Sebadam scored as he dropped from the ceiling to score from nowhere. It looked as though Envy were running out of ideas, but with 46 seconds left on the clock, Winther touched the ball in from close range to give them a chance of forcing the game to overtime. However, Epsilon remained composed and saw out the game with ease to take a 2-0 lead in the series.

Game 3

The third game of the series started incredibly quickly, with Cheerio scoring after just 11 seconds, and the lead was then doubled only 3 seconds later as Sebadam latched on the ball after kick-off to power the ball into an empty goal. With their Elite Series hopes looking to be up in smoke, Envy managed to claw their way back into the contest with a goal from Oscillon with more than three and a half minutes still to play.

Envy then had a chance to level the scores, but with two Epsilon players back on the goal line, the Boys In Blue made the wrong choice by deciding to shoot when the pass looked the much better option, and Epsilon retained their lead. It looked as though Epsilon would be taking a 3-0 lead in the series, but with just seven seconds left to play, Mout slammed home from a tight angle after a missed clearance from Sebadam.

The game went into overtime, and ultimately the game was decided by Winther after another poor touch from Sebadam allowed him to score and give Envy first win of the series.

Game 4

Taking confidence from their overtime win, Envy started the fourth game well, and Mout opened the scoring for the Boys In Blue with a long-range pinch flying into the goal from inside his own half. Oscillon then zeroed in on Cheerio as he dribbled towards goal, but the Epsilon man did very well to clear against arguably the best dribbler in the Elite Series.

Cheerio missed a big chance just as the game went into the final minute, but he wasn’t made to regret the miss too much, as Bilbo equalised with just 18 seconds left to play, as he touched in after Mout was drawn out of the goal. An incredible turnaround was then completed as Sebadam finished fantastically to make it 2-1.

The drama hadn’t finished, as with the clock on zero, Mout kept the ball alive by flipping it to the backboard, and Winther was on hand to touch down into the goal. The play was fairly cautious in overtime, as neither team wanted to make the mistake that would allow the other towin. With more than three and a half minutes without a winner, Mout finally grabbed the goal to level the series as he followed in well after Oscillon’s shot came back off the post.

Game 5

Having turned the series around, Envy took the lead in Game 5, as after both Mout hit the bar and Winther had his shot brilliantly saved on the line, Oscillon slammed home the rebound to make it 1-0. As the series appeared to heading towards a 3-2 swing in favour of Envy, Cheerio came up with an amazing play as he bumped the Envy defender to allow Sebadam’s long clear to drift into the goal.

Cheerio had the best chance to grab the winner in normal time, but his shot was well saved, and for the third game in a row we headed into overtime. Having won both overtime games before, Envy seemed confident of pulling off another win. However, that confidence was their downfall as they overcommitted to an attack leaving no-one back covering, and Bilbo was able to latch onto a long clear to give Epsilon the win.

Game 6

Despite having the season on the line, Envy started well in the sixth game of the series, but they couldn’t find the goal early on. Epsilon came back well and forced Mout into a few decent saves, and after weathering the storm, Envy broke away to score through Mout as he lobbed two Epsilon defenders.

As the game wound towards its conclusion, both teams had chances to get the crucial second goal, but defences stayed strong, and the score remained 1-0 going to the final minute. Despite their strong defence, Envy couldn’t hold on for the win as Bilbo bagged the equaliser with 29 seconds left on the clock as he was first to the ball after Cheerio’s shot rebounded off the backboard.

A fourth consecutive overtime began quickly with both Oscillon and Sebadam having chances to score in the first 30 seconds. There were plenty of opportunities as time went on, with Envy having to hang on as Epsilon went for the killer goal, but Envy finally grabbed the winner in an epic overtime battle after almost five minutes with Oscillon converting from Winther’s pass to take the series to a Game 7 decider.

Game 7

The series decider started scrappily with both teams wary of making a fatal mistake, and the game ticked past the halfway mark without the score locked at 0-0. As Envy pushed for a winner, they were made to pay for another overcommit as Bilbo was on hand once again to turn home a long clear and give Epsilon the lead with less than two minutes left to play.

Staring down the barrel of defeat, Envy responded brilliantly as they stormed upfield, and after Oscillon’s shot was tipped on the crossbar, Mout swept in the rebound to make it 1-1. Both teams battled it out in midfield as time ticked away, and the series went to an incredible fifth overtime.

Envy almost grabbed the winner early on as Mout’s floor pinch just evaded Winther, but Epsilon came up with the winner as Sebadam grabbed the goal after 17 seconds to conclude an epic series.

Nordavind vs Reason

Game 1

The first game started intriguingly as both teams tried to starve the other of boost as a means of getting on top, but there weren’t too many clear-cut chances to speak of. As the game headed into the last 30 seconds, Shakahron had an excellent opportunity to win the game, but Al Dente made a good save to send us to overtime.

Reason had the best of the early part of overtime, with Godsmilla having to make a great save to keep Nordavind in the game. Sweeping up to the other end of the field, Godsmilla then had a great chance to win the game, but his shot on an open goal bounced down off the crossbar, and Nordavind couldn’t turn in the rebound.

The matchup finally had its first goal after almost seven and a half minutes as Pugsay scored the winner for Reason. It was a goal worth waiting for, as Pugsay sent the ball to the backboard before following in to touch in.

Game 2

After their gut-wrenching overtime loss, Nordavind started the second game slowly, and Calix grabbed the first goal with no-one rotating back of defence. The momentum was with Reason, and they got a second as with Nordavind’s defence missing once again, Calix was able to finish easily from close range.

That goal seemed to wake Nordavind up, and Al Dente managed to get on the end of an infield pass from Godsmilla to halve the deficit. Another infield pass almost helped to provide Nordavind with an equaliser, but this time Reason had defenders in place to clear the ball.

Reason did well to keep Nordavind at bay, and they made them pay for their misses when Pugsay grabbed the all-important fourth goal of the game to make it 3-1 with just over a minute to play. Godsmilla had the best chance to grab an equaliser, but Calix was on hand to make a fantastic save as Reason took the second game of the series.

Game 3

Nordavind took a more measured approach to the third game of the series after their over commits had cost them in the previous contests, and the change in tactics paid off as they kept Reason out before surging up the other end of the field to score through Godsmilla. Reason didn’t let the goal get them down though, and Shakahron converted a great pass from Pugsay to level the scores.

As the game entered the final minute, Nordavind scored a crucial goal to take the lead as Al Dente’s shot found Pugsay out of position. Nordavind managed the game well as time ticked away, and with the clock on zero Al Dente grabbed another with Reason pushing for an equaliser.

Game 4

The swing game in the series was a tense affair, with the game scoreless for the first two minutes. The first goal eventually came through Data as Nordavind took a vital lead as they looked to level the series. Needing a big play, Calix delivered at the right time with his precise shot bouncing down off the crossbar, and Pugsay zoomed in to equalise.

Reason’s comeback was complete a few seconds later as Pugsay gave Reason the lead with just 14 seconds to play. The action didn’t finish there, as with the clock on zero, Nordavind fired a barrage of shots at the Reason backboard, and Data eventually managed to get the critical touch to make it 2-2 and send the game to overtime.

It took a moment of brilliance to separate the teams in overtime, and Pugsay delivered the play of the day as he dribbled from the ceiling past two Nordavind defenders to take Reason to series point.

Game 5

Knowing defeat would mean the end of their season, Nordavind started well and took the lead after Godsmilla diverted Data’s long clear. Al Dente then made an excellent save from Calix to keep their lead intact, and their defensive efforts paid off as Godsmilla’s backboard pass was turned in by Al Dente.

The game headed for a dramatic finish as Shakahron’s shot evaded two Nordavind defenders, leaving the score at 2-1 with just under two minutes to play. Reason looked dangerous in attack, and the equaliser came about a minute later when Shakahron connected with Pugsay’s infield pass to tie the score at two goals apiece.

Sensing the series was there for the taking, Reason pushed for a winner, and Calix came up with the decisive play to complete the comeback and put Nordavind on the brink of elimination. Godsmilla’s long shot was then saved by Shakahron, and despite continued pressure, Reason held on to take the series and head through to the semi-finals.


Reason vs Method

Game 1

Reason started strongly, and Pugsay grabbed the first goal of the semi-finals after just 29 seconds. With the momentum behind them, Reason went for a second goal, but none was forthcoming as the score stayed at 1-0 heading into the final minute.

Searching for an equaliser, Method pressed hard for the goal to send the series to overtime. However, Reason held on and took advantage of Method’s overcommit, and Pugsay scored with about 15 seconds to go to take the game away from Method. Pugsay bagged a third with the clock on zero to cap an impressive win in the first game of the series.

Game 2

Looking to keep their momentum going, Reason began strongly and scored after 31 seconds, with Pugsay again the key man, as his pass found Calix infield, allowing him to score a simple chance. Method couldn’t get out of their own half as Reason applied the pressure, and this pressure was too much to handle as Calix scored his second of the game.

Reason looked to be going for the kill in Game 3, and Borito B had to make a great save to keep the score at 3-0. The save was in vain, as Shakahron scored shortly after as Method looked all at sea. Borito B managed to get Method on the board at last with just under 90 seconds left to play, and Method finally had a platform to work from in the series.

However, there wasn’t enough time for Method to get back into the game as Reason were able to sit back and absorb the pressure, and Reason took a 2-0 lead in the series.

Game 3

An incredible bump from Shakahron allowed Reason to get off to the perfect start, as he took out the Method defender to let Pugsay’s shot fly into an unguarded goal. Method responded well, but Pugsay was having a blinder in defence as he blocked out everything Kassio, Borito B and Rix Ronday threw at the Reason goal.

Having dominated in defence, Reason then broke up the other end to strike a hammer blow, with Calix converting the loose ball to make it 2-0. Method’s heads didn’t drop though, and Borito B scored a stunning double touch goal to bring his side back into the game. Shakahron came up with a few huge plays in defence as Reason looked to hang on, and with no significant chances coming for Method, Reason took the third game and now needed just one win from the final four games to claim a place in the final.

Game 4

Knowing they needed a reverse sweep to get to the final, Method looked to stay strong in defence, and similarly, Reason were cautious not to allow their opponents a route back into the series. With just 51 seconds left on the clock, Pugsay took advantage of a bad defensive error to score an easy goal and put them in touching distance of the final.

Needing a response, Method got one through their top scorer Kassio mere moments later, as he got on the end of an infield pass. The game went to overtime, and after just 12 seconds, Reason overcommitted which allowed Borito B’s long shot to find its way into the goal to give Method their first win of the day.

Game 5

Reason picked themselves up from their overtime defeat in the best possible way as they scored a goal with just three seconds gone, with Shakahron scoring after winning the kickoff. Method stayed positive as the game went on, and their play was rewarded when Rix Ronday shot past Pugsay to level the scores.

Just as the game moved past the halfway mark, Reason retook the lead as Borito B failed to win a defensive challenge allowing Shakahron to score an easy goal. Method responded well once again, as after putting the pressure on the Reason goal, Kassio converted from close range to tie the scores yet again.

Kassio was then required at the other end as his amazing save kept out the flip reset from Calix. With the series on the line, Borito B scored after Kassio won an aerial challenge to take out the Reason defence. The score was 4-2 to Method as Rix Ronday capitalised on more poor defending from Reason, and it looked as though the reverse sweep could be on.

Game 6

Sensing a change in momentum, Method started well and scored after a minute played, with Rix Ronday scoring from close range to put immense pressure on Reason. It was 2-0 moments later as Borito B scored from a tight angle after Method won the kickoff, and Method sensed that Reason’s confidence was waning.

With a goal desperately needed to change their fortunes, Calix came up with a crucial goal for Reason to make it 2-1 as the game moved past the halfway mark. Method didn’t let Reason back into the game for long, as Rix Ronday squeezed the ball over the line about 30 seconds later to restore their two-goal cushion. The lead was soon increased as Kassio finished brilliantly to take the score to 4-1 and take the series to a Game 7 decider.

Game 7

The series decider started slowly, with Reason wary of being on the wrong end of a reverse sweep, and Method keen to keep their momentum going without conceding any sloppy goals. The game was scoreless as we approached the two-minute mark, but it didn’t stay that way for long as Method got the all-important goal with Rix Ronday finally bundling home from close range.

With less than 90 seconds left to play, Borito B came up with a huge play to make it 2-0 to Method, as he double touched past the onrushing Reason defender. With Reason searching for a goal, Kassio took advantage of a chaotic defence to score with a double touch of his own and put the icing on the cake.

Epsilon vs Fnatic

Game 1

Epsilon scored the first goal of the second semi-final as Cheerio profited from a good touch from Sebadam to give his side the lead. The lead was doubled soon after as Bilbo’s double touch made it 2-0, and the early momentum was with Epsilon.

Fnatic looked to work their way into the game, and they eventually grabbed their first goal of the day through Snaski. The deficit halved, Fnatic went in search of an equaliser to take the game to overtime, but Epsilon held firm to take the first game of the series.

Game 2

Having started the day slowly, Fnatic looked better in Game 2, and they took the lead with MummiSnow getting on the end of a touch from Maestro. Fnatic now looked much more confident, and after putting Epsilon under pressure, Maestro doubled the lead heading into the final minute.

The score was then 3-0 shortly after, as a backboard shot from MummiSnow allowed him to put Bilbo on the back foot, with the pressure causing the Epsilon man to divert the ball into his own goal. Snaski grabbed a fourth goal with just 13 seconds to play, and Maestro followed up with a fifth with the clock on zero. The result meant that having lost Game 1, Fnatic laid down a serious marker to their opponents with a dominant performance.

Game 3

After the goals-fest in Game 2, the third game remained scoreless as we approached the two-minute mark. The deadlock was finally broken by Epsilon as Sebadam swooped in on a loose ball to make it 1-0. Fnatic remained calm, and their pressure told in the end as Snaski met a looping pass from MummiSnow to level the scores.

The game wasn’t level for long, as Cheerio restored Epsilon’s lead a few seconds later with a long shot. Heading into the last minute with their lead intact, Epsilon managed to keep Fnatic at bay, and the score was 3-1 with ten seconds left as Cheerio’s long clear caught out the Fnatic defence.

Game 4

Cheerio missed a golden opportunity to give Epsilon the lead, as despite being clean through on an open goal, he managed to sky his shot with a miss that left the casters aghast. Fortunately for Cheerio, he was able to make amends for his miss as he got on the end of a great double touch from Bilbo.

Just after the halfway mark, a defensive miss from MummiSnow presented Cheerio with another open goal, and this time he made no mistake as he slammed the ball home to make it 2-0 to Epsilon. Needing a goal to get back into the series, Epsilon were caught pushing for a third goal, and MummiSnow turned the ball into an empty goal to set up a grandstand finish with just over a minute left to play.

Fnatic swarmed the Epsilon goal looking for an equaliser, and the goal came with 40 seconds left as MummiSnow connected with a pass from Snaski to level the scores. The turnaround was completed in overtime as Maestro capitalised on a missed clear from Cheerio, and the series was level at two games each.

Game 5

MummiSnow got the first goal of Game 5 as he was first to a loose ball near the Epsilon goal. Fnatic only lead for a minute, as Cheerio followed up well on a shot from Bilbo to score from close range.

The game meandered along with few chances for either side, and there were no more goals in normal time as the game went to overtime for the second time in the series. The winner came a minute into overtime, as after preventing Cheerio from scoring an own goal at one end, Sebadam scored from an acute angle to put Epsilon one game away from the final.

Game 6

With Season 4 hopes on the line, both teams jostled for superiority in the sixth game of the series, but the game remained scoreless as we went into the final minute of the contest. Epsilon sensed the nerves from Fnatic, but solid defensive play from Maestro kept his side in the series.

Overtime looked to be on the cards, but a goalline whiff from Sebadam allowed Snaski to get on the end of a pass from Maestro, and with just 14 seconds to play, Fnatic took the lead. There were no last-second heroics from Epsilon, and the series went to another Game 7 decider.

Game 7

Epsilon took a crucial lead after 28 seconds, as Bilbo managed to shoot home despite a touch on the line from Maestro. Fnatic responded perfectly, as another defensive miss allowed Snaski’s long shot to creep into the bottom corner, and the scores were level.

Fnatic then took the lead a few seconds later, as Maestro pulled off a brilliant dribble, and aided by a demo on Cheerio, the ball dropped into the Epsilon goal. Despite having the lead, Fnatic didn’t sit back as they looked the more likely to score, and the score was 3-1 with just over 90 seconds left as Maestro took advantage of a poor clearance from Sebadam.

Snaski then grabbed a fourth for Fnatic from a tight angle, and the game seemed to be up for Epsilon. However, Sebadam gave Epsilon hope as he scored with 48 seconds left, but their hopes were soon extinguished as Maestro made in 5-2 with just over half a minute on the clock, and Fnatic joined Method in the final.

Fnatic vs Method

Game 1

MummiSnow scored the first goal of the final after just over a minute, as he converted from a good pass to give Fnatic the lead. The score was doubled moments later as Snaski swept in from a backboard pass from Maestro, and Fnatic seemed in complete control of Game 1.

With just under 90 seconds left, Snaski scored his second of the game as he weaved his way towards goal to put the first game of the final beyond Method. Borito B scored a goal late on, and his amazing triple touch gave Method the confidence boost they needed as Rix Ronday scored with an incredible double fake seconds later to set up an epic finish.

However, it was too little too late as Fnatic were able to see out the closing seconds to take the first game of the series.

Game 2

Building on their two amazing goals late in Game 1, Method scored first in the second game of the series, with Kassio scoring from a backboard pass to make it 1-0. The lead was doubled shortly after, as Borito B scored another from close range after a bump on Snaski took him out the equation.

Fnatic needed to get their attacking play going, and after applying the pressure to Method’s goal, MummiSnow scored after a demo on Kassio allowed his shot to drift into the goal. The pressure was getting to Method, as they couldn’t get the ball clear and Snaski was on hand to level the scores.

Method didn’t let Fnatic’s comeback get them down, as with just over 90 seconds left, Kassio scored with a double touch to make it 3-2. Fnatic pressed for an equaliser, but some excellent defensive play from Borito B kept them out, and the series was even at one game each.

Game 3

Method’s top scorer Kassio got them off to a great start in Game 3 as his long clear caught out the Fnatic defence. There were few chances as the game wore on, with both teams searching for the perfect moment to strike.

The vital second goal eventually went to Method, with Borito B scoring an aerial shot to double his side’s lead with less than 90 seconds left on the clock. The result was then put beyond doubt as a whiff from Maestro after another backboard pass allowed Rix Ronday to grab a third.

There was no comeback from Fnatic, and Kassio scored another after more good backboard play from Method gave him the chance to make it 4-0.

Game 4

Needing a good start, Fnatic scored after just two seconds as Snaski won the kickoff by blocking Kassio’s pass. Fnatic then doubled their lead with a bouncing shot from MummiSnow, and the score was 2-0 inside the first minute of the game.

A superb play from MummiSnow then made it 3-0, as he pulled off an aerial dribble that went the full length of the field. Method got themselves back into the game just before the halfway mark as Borito B scored from an incredible angle to reduce the deficit to two goals.

Fnatic restored their three-goal lead shortly after, as Maestro was set up by a great touch from Snaski to score from close range. Borito B grabbed his second of the game after Fnatic committed too many players forward, as the Method man was able to power the ball into an empty goal. The comeback didn’t come though, as the win pulled Fnatic level in the series.

Game 5

With the series level at two games each, the fifth game started much more cagily, and the score remained at 0-0 as we entered the final minute. Fnatic almost got caught out by a number of double commits, but Method couldn’t make them pay as the game looked to be heading for extra time.

Poor defending from Fnatic was their undoing as Maestro missed a chance to clear, and Kassio was able to swoop in to turn the ball home. With 48 seconds left, Fnatic had it all to do and went all-out for the equaliser. Despite this, Method were able to cling onto their lead, and they took a crucial lead in the series.

Game 6

Method had two games to clinch the series, and they got off to an ideal start as Rix Ronday scored after just 15 seconds as Fnatic failed to clear from a Borito B shot. The score was 2-0 just seconds later as Rix Ronday scored his second with an unbelievable shot, and Fnatic found themselves two goals down with less than 30 seconds played.

The Season 4 title was slipping away from Fnatic, but MummiSnow came up with a huge play as he took advantage of a rare backboard whiff from Method to make it 2-1. Kassio soon restored the two-goal cushion as he powered home a shot just as the game moved past the halfway mark.

MummiSnow had a great chance to make it 3-2, but Borito B pulled a series of great saves to keep Method’s lead intact. The pressure from Fnatic was growing, and eventually, it was too much to handle as Snaski turned in a loose ball to set up an incredible finish with less than two minutes left to play.Fnatic pushed hard for an equaliser, but some great defensive play from Method managed to keep the ball up the other end of the field, and Method held on to become Season 4 Rocket League champions.

Their win meant Borito B and Rix Ronday became the first players to win two Elite Series titles with different teams having won the Season 2 title with Reason. Kassio also finished his debut season as the top scorer, the perfect fillip for an exceptionally talented Method roster who were deserved Grand Final winners.

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