Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Make A Perfect Snowboy/Snowman


New Horizons has been one of the best games to release this year.

The game has been progressing along smoothly since it released back in March.

Toy Day was the last major update for 2020, and we are looking ahead at what is to come within the New Year.

Now that most of the world is within the Winter months; there is a lot to do within your island.

One of these seasonal tasks you may want to try your hand at is building Snowman.

Here is our guide to how to make the perfect Snowman within New Horizons! 



If your island is covered in snow, then you are going to want to take advantage of this.

As this is the only time of the year you will be able to make Snowboys/Snowman; so make as many as you can! 

The process of making these Snowboys/Snowman is quite a simple one, and you will not find it too tricky at first.

Starting off, you are going to want to find Snowballs around your island.

Once you are able to find some of these, simply push them around the snow-covered land to gain volume on the Snowball you are pushing.

After a while, you are going to want to stop when you think you have gathered enough snow.

Then, you are going to want to do the same a few more times, for however high you want your Snowboy/Snowman. 

New Horizons will reward you with a perfect rating if your Snowboy/Snowman is up to standards.

So, if you do not get it at first glance; keep trying as you will eventually crack the code! 


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