Hyper Scape Season 3: Release Date, Content, Battle Pass, Trailer, Leaks and More

Time to re-enter the Hyper Scape?

Hyper Scape is a thoroughly enjoyable battle royale, but it appears to have struggled to find an audience.

Ubisoft rolled out a series of big changes as part of Season 2, but hardcore fans are no doubt wondering when they can expect a third season.

Here's all we know.

Hyper Scape Season 3 Release Date

According to a Ubisoft Community Representative on the game's subreddit, Season 3 has been delayed "as the team continues to work on The Lab updates".

For those wondering what exactly those are, we covered them here – but as a refresher, the team is currently focused on the following pillars, as per a blog post:

Combat Comfort

We always intended for Hyper Scape to have a high skill ceiling, but it is clear from our data that the floor is also too high. This results in a difficult experience for new players. Currently, it is too hard to aim, track and consistently damage players and eliminate them, especially on consoles.


The game does not currently provide enough time and opportunities for new players to learn and succeed. We need to protect newcomers and provide training activities to help them become proficient with the game.

Game Modes

Our core game mode, Crown Rush, can be quite unforgiving, so we want to provide players with a variety of formats in terms of activity and match size. This will start with introducing respawn systems in the game and "deathmatch" style game modes. We are also rethinking how we manage limited time modes and the player base split that is required to support multiple modes at once.

Player goals

Currently, there are not enough medium and long-term goals for players to stick around in the Hyper Scape. We are introducing first version of our Player Ranking system in Season 2, and we will bring more progression systems and match-to-match flow improvements as well.

The fifth pillar, Cross-Play between platforms, has been implemented as of Season 2.

If Ubisoft can work on all of the above, then Season 3 could be huge.

Hyper Scape Season 3 Content

Hyper Scape's first and second seasons have made smart tweaks to its unique formula, and added new tools.

The game's "Hack" abilities expanded to allow a platform to be created in the air, while the new Atrax weapon has proven popular.

We've also seen plenty of events, as well as tweaks to the existing hacks and weapons.

Hyper Scape Season 3 Battle Pass

Hyper Scape's battle pass will likely offer both free and premium rewards spread across 100 tiers.

Expect the following:

  • Skins
  • Weapon Skins
  • Drop Pods
  • Emotes

Hyper Scape Season 3 Trailer

As soon as we get some footage from Season 3, rest assured you'll find it here!

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