Phasmophobia Beta Update: Ghosts Can Now Hear You And Open Locker Doors

As if Phasmophobia couldn't get any more frightening, it did!

Things are about to get a whole lot scarier in Phasmophobia.

You would think the title is scary enough with some realistic features which makes it even more frightening.

Well, it seems Kinetic Games decided it just wasn't scary enough for their liking.

Let's see what's changed.

Phasmophobia Beta Update

You might have to be a bit more mindful of when to speak in Phasmophobia thanks to a new update.

Ghosts can now actually hear you before a hunt and will find you using your voice.

This works whether you use push to talk or not.

Ghosts can even open locker doors now, although you can hold the door shut to prevent them from getting in.

As well as that some bugs have been fixed such as "safe spots" on some levels.

You can even change the difficulty to professional if you're below level 25.

This update was announced through Phasmophobia/Kinetic Games' Twitter account which you can view below.

Beta Update Notes


  1. Fixed several "safe spots" in all levels.
  2. Fixed a bug where the ghost would get stuck when trying to navigate to a location it couldn't reach such as a closet or locker.
  3. Fixed a bug where you couldn't change the difficulty to professional if you were below level 25.
  4. Changes

    1. The ghost can now hear Non-VR players when hunting in single player without you using push to talk.
    2. The ghost can now open locker doors similar to normal doors.
    3. New

      1. The ghost can now open doors, closets and lockers when hunting. This can be stopped by holding the door.
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