Artery Gear Fusion Reroll Guide

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In the mood to save the world? Especially with some mecha girls? Then we recommend the latest in gacha gaming: Artery Gear Fusion. Now, being that it's a gacha game, you don't know who you're going to get in your first pulls - that's where our Artery Gear Fusion reroll guide comes in!

The aim is to build the strongest team you can, using these lovely ladies clad in a mecha suit, armed with cannons, swords, and guns. Evil beings known as Puppets are trying to take over, and you as the Commander must drive them back. It is essential to get the most powerful fighters you can, which usually means the rarest and hardest to get in the gacha system.

Wanna get deeper into the world of Artery Gear's mech girls? We have a tier list for that. And a code page, for any that crop up.

How To Reroll In Artery Gear Fusion

First things first, you need to see if you even want to reroll your pulls in Artery Gear Fusion. Make sure you log in as a guest account to begin with. After completing the tutorial, you have enough currency - Forging Crystals - for a few tries.

artery gear reroll
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We recommend choosing the banners with characters you like the look of. You can check the drop rates of characters in each banner on their menu. Hopefully, you’ll get a good 5-Star character or two! If you’re not satisfied with your pulls, don’t worry, there’s something you can do. By the way, the Server Launch Celebration Banner does offer infinite reroll, if you chose that one.

To reroll your Artery Gear Fusion pulls, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Hit the button in the top right.
  • Head to settings, and go to the account tab.
  • Head to the Player Center, hit Upgrade, and then Upgrade Platform Account.
  • You can sign up with your email, which will save your progress.
  • Log out, and log in as a guest.
  • Re-do the tutorial, and pull for new characters.

You can save this redo with an easy hack: use your email again, but add ‘+1’ after it. You can do this multiple times, and it will save different games to each ‘different’ email. This means you don’t need to create loads of new ones, but can pull for new characters!

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