ARK: Survival Evolved Ratings Leak Hints at Native PS5 and Xbox Series Editions

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ARK: Survival Evolved continues to captivate players around the world. Following the roll-out of Genesis Part 2 earlier this year, this pre-historic experience isn't shy of adding content. Now, it seems like the hit action-adventure game's receiving native PS5 and Xbox Series X|S editions.

Ratings for both platforms were found on PEGI's website, Europe's videogame board of classification. For both editions, a placeholder release date is listed as 28/10/21, so we can expect a launch date for them soon.


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ARK: Survival Evolved Is Getting Native PS5 And Xbox Series Versions, Ratings Leak Hints

Survival Evolved has been upgraded for Xbox Series consoles, implementing improvements to draw distance, graphical enhancements, and texture resolutions. However, the Studio Wildcard title has questionable performance on the PS4 Pro, with numerous stuttering issues and long loading times.


With native new-gen versions likely on the way, it's hopeful those problems will be addressed on PS5. That's in addition to providing visual improvements through 4K resolution and 60 FPS potential.

Elsewhere, we know the developer is focused on ARK 2. Planned as an Xbox console exclusive, that also featuring family-man Vin Diesel. We'll keep you updated with any new details as they happen.