How To Tame Sinomacrops in Ark Lost Island

Ark Survival Evolved’s latest DLC, Lost Island, introduced significant new content. Including various new creatures, players can interact with and eventually, tame them. One of those is the Sinomacrops, a new flying creature that allows players to glide between different locations.

Having it by your side could give you an advantage, and if you're looking to tame this creature, we've got you covered. Here's what you need to do in Ark Lost Island.

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How To Tame Sinomacrops In Ark Lost Island

Taming the Sinomacrops requires players having Chitins, since this is the creature’s favourite food. You can find those everywhere around the island with relative ease. Once you manage to locate a Sinomacrops, feed it with Chitin.

However, it will eventually escape and fly away, but it's not a problem. Open the menu and find the locating tab. Use it to follow the Sinomacrops you fed. Just repeat this process until you are able to tame it. Rename it however you'd like and once done, you're now able to equip it.

That’s it! Follow us of more Ark Lost Island guides like this one.

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