How To Tame Dinopithecus in Ark Lost Island

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In Ark Survival Evolved, new creatures were introduced through the new Lost Island DLC, which released yesterday. One of these is the Dinopithecus, which developer Studio Wildcard has describes as:

“This baboon bruiser defends its master with remarkable ferocity. Dinopithecus will sweep you up with its tail and carry you up sheer walls on its back. Tame a troop of them, to unleash a hail of droppings packing a parasitic payload capable of shutting down enemy Tek”.

If you're looking to tame the Dinopithecus in Ark Lost Island, here's what you need to do.

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How To Tame Dinopithecus In Ark Lost Island

When you find a Dinopithecus in a pack in Ark Lost Island, an Alpha is always included. You'll have to kill the Alpha and if possible, other pack members too. By doing that, it'll make you the Alpha from the creature's eyes.

Then use Berries or Kibble to tame it, rename the Dinopithecus to however you'd like to call it, and it's finally yours.

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