How To Make Jerky In ARK Survival Evolved?

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How many times have you gone on a hunting spree to make sure you have a steady supply of food in ARK.

Then you forget about it and when you eventually go back to whenever it's stored, all the meat is spoilt.

We've been there with you, it sucks.

There is a solution though, Jerky!

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How To Make Jerky

Cooked Meat Jerky is a type of food in ARK Survival Evolved.

It's a great alternative to other foods in the game as it lasts a lot longer.

To make it you'll need a Preserving Bin, then you'll need to place Cooked Meat, Oil and Sparkpowder inside its inventory.

Wait about 36 Mins and you'll have some tasty Jerky.

You'll need 1x Cooked Meat, 1x Oil and 3x Sparkpowder to make 1x Cooked Meat Jerky.

Duplicate the above values to make your desired amount.

How To Use Jerky

When eaten, Cooked Meat Jerky restores 20 food points, the same as Cooked Meat.

The reason its more useful than regular Cooked Meat is because it has a longer shelf life.


It takes a lot longer for it to spoil in comparison.

If you keep your Cooked Meat Jerky in the Preserving Bin, it'll last you 20 days.

You can also use it as an ingredient to make Regular Kibble!

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