How To Level Up In ARK Survival Evolved?

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If you've just woken up on the beach and found a weird embellishment on your arm, you might need some advice.

You're new to ARK Survival Evolved and you're wanting to level up.

No problem, there's plenty of ways and you can find them below!

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How To Level Up

There are four main ways to level up in ARK.

Below you can find each type and a summary.


Harvesting by hand is one of the slowest ways to gain XP.

If you create higher-level tools which yield more resources, you'll gain more XP.

Though this still won't be a substantial amount.


Crafting is one of the main ways that players will gain XP.

The more resources you need to create something, the more XP you'll receive for making it.

You'll also gain some XP when gathering the resources to craft.


Taming dinos is essential in ARK but you'll actually receive XP by doing so.

Find a full guide on how to do so here.


Killing creatures in ARK will give you XP.

The amount of XP will be determined by the level and hostility of the animal.


For example, a Dodo will give you some XP but a more dangerous species like a Giga will give you alot more.

Tribe Work

You can gain bonus XP by making a tribe and going about things as you usually would.

If a tribemate is nearby whilst you do any of the above you'll get bonus XP.

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