ARK Genesis 2 Live Stream: Extra Life Stream, How To Watch And Rewards

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ARK Survival Evolved players have been patiently waiting on news of Genesis 2 since its delay.

You can read more about the delay here.


It looks like the community is in luck after mentions of a live stream which should touch on Genesis 2.

Keep reading to find out how to tune in and what rewards you could get!

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Extra Life Stream

Each year the ARK team put on a 24-hour live stream to raise funds for charity.

The charity is Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and this will be the sixth year Wildcard have taken part.

Follow this link to head to the Extra Life page if you're willing to donate.


During this time they do many things including, giveaways, announcements and general entertainment.

The more money raised during the stream the higher the rates in-game will be raised.

Rates relate to taming speed, harvesting amount, XP gain and more.

The event starts at 10 AM (PST) or 6 PM (GMT) on November 7th.

Click this link to make your way to the ARK's Twitch channel and watch the stream when it goes live.

In a blog post, the team stated that they will be revealing Genesis 2 content and teasers during the stream.


  • New Updates from the ARK Team!
  • IRL Games and Mischief
  • ARK Developer Interviews
  • Sponsor Interviews
  • Updates from the ARK Modding Community
  • Official server rates bonuses as we reach our donation goals


  • Studio Wildcard Goodie Bag!
  • Sponsor Giveaways!
  • Collector's Editions periodically throughout the Extra Life stream!
  • Genesis Season Pass giveaway periodically throughout the Extra Life stream!
  • Milestones for increased ARK rates until end of Extra Life
  • Every person that donates to our team will receive a special SurviveTheARK forum badge (redeemable by a code via email). Donators over $500 USD will receive a special gold version badge!
  • Donations over $2,500 USD will be added to the ARK permanently as "Extra Life Superfan"