Ark Genesis Part 2 Release Time: When Can You Download on PS4, Xbox and PC?

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ARK: Genesis Part 2 is now live and available on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and optimized for Xbox Series X/S!

Your quest for ultimate survival is now complete with the launch of ARK: Genesis Part 2! Survivors will conclude the ARK storyline while adventuring through exotic new worlds with all-new mission-based gameplay. Discover, utilize and master new creatures, new craftable items, weapons, and structures unlike anything you have seen yet! The saga is now complete, and hundreds of hours of new story-oriented ARK gameplay await you.

Enjoy playing the new content ARK fans!

Original Story - ARK: Survival Evolved's latest expansion, Genesis Part 2, is expected tomorrow today - June 2nd June 3rd.


The game's final expansion, it'll add a series of new biomes, creatures (including a space dolphin) and weapons.

Here's when you can play the latest DLC on PS4, Xbox, or PC.

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Ark Genesis Part 2 Release Time Confirmed

June 3, 1PM BST: Another update from Dollie the Product Manager on ARK.

"We're doing final preparations to get the servers online. You'll start to see downloads. Once we are fully online on *every* network, I'll unleash Cedric to let you all know via @survivetheark

So it sounds like it might be rolling out for some, potentially in a few territories, but not all. We'll keep our eyes peeled.


We've also just remembered that David Tennant provides the voice for Sir Edmund Rockwell. The hype train has well and truly left the station.

More to follow.

June 3, 2AM BST: Finally an update from the team. As expected the release has been delayed, but only by a few more hours. Writing on Twitter, the team said:

Genesis Part 2 is currently finishing the automated certification process. We expect that process to be complete in the early morning, so we'll be launching simultaneously on all platforms at 8 AM Eastern June 3rd. Thank you for your patience and support. It will be worth it!

For those wondering, that's a simultaneous release on PC and Console at the same time, which should arrive by 1PM BST for those in the UK.

The games Community Manager also relayed the news (side note: be nice to your Community Managers, please).

June 2, 2PM BST: and we're still waiting for the launch of ARK Genesis Part 2.

The only official details we can find is a message from the games Product Manager (@NotDollie) on ARK. Writing on Twitter, she said:

"In regards to launch timeframe: We're on track but we'd like to confirm a few things with the build before we broadcast a precise time. We'll let Ced (our CM) know when we're ready to socialise deployment times and he'll share that with y'all"

But this was 12:19 am and so far there's been no further details from Cedric (@ComplexMinded) the community manager.

June 2, 8AM BST: The official ARK: Survival Evolved Twitter channel, @survivetheark, still hasn't stated when they'll be releasing the new DLC. Past experience tells us delays at the 11th hour are possible, so be prepared for a long(er) wait than normal for the new Genesis Part 2 content to arrive.

Ark Genesis Part 2 Release Time: When Can You Download on PS4, Xbox and PC?

(Below is information from our original story published June 1st)

While Studio Wildcard hasn't revealed exactly when the download will go live, we do expect it to follow a similar release schedule to the game's last DLC, Genesis Part 1.

PC Release Time

On PC, the game is expected to go live at around 6:30 PST - that's 02:30 AM BST.

PS4 Release Time

On PS4, the game is expected to go live at around 6:30 PST - that's 02:30 AM BST.

Xbox Release Time


The game's Xbox DLC launches have been a little different, and Part 1 actually required the Xbox Official network to go down for a short time.

We'd hope that the same won't happen again, but with so many complex moving parts, it's hard to say.

Server Availability

Looking to pick up where you left off? There are sometimes some delays in servers being updated to the latest build of the game. Be patient, and keep an eye on the game's official Twitter account here.