Ark Fear Evolved Start Time: Latest Updates, Patch Notes For Next Survival Evolved Event

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The developers at Ark Survival Evolved had been pretty forthcoming in telling fans that a new EVO event was due to start this week.

We know that the annual Ark Halloween Fear Evolved event begins today, October 22, 2020. 

But the dev team had been quite coy on the specifics of when it starts for each platform. Thankfully, they've now spilled the beans.

Along with details about an upcoming update set to drop this week too.


What Is The Ark Fear Evolved Start Time?

As per the Studio Wildcard's official Twitter account for Ark, "The Fear Evolved event rates begin Thursday, 1PM PDT on PC, XBOX, and PS4."

This will include the following features:

  • 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation)
  • 2X XP
  • 2X Harvesting
  • 2X Taming

If you're in the UK, it's worth noting that the above time is for those playing on Pacific time. For those in the UK, the event starts at 9pm GMT tonight

Ark Survival Evolved Update Coming Friday

In a separate post on the Ark website, the dev team also explained that a new update was coming from Friday, despite the fact that the event itself begins Thursday.

They say this update will include "significant performance optimizations for XBOX and PS4"

It's expected that the update will arrive at the following times: 


PC: 1 PM Pacific Friday 23rd (9pm GMT)PS4: 4 PM Pacific Friday 23rd (12am GMT)Xbox: 8 PM Pacific Monday 26th (4am GMT)

Though the devs didn't explain why, they did apologise profusely to Xbox players for the delay, writing:

"We apologize to our Xbox players for the pushed back date. We really wanted to get these performance optimizations into your hands for the event and, unfortunately, this means we needed a little more time to get the build ready. We think it's worth it so our Xbox players can enjoy the performance gains whilst on boosted event rates."

Upcoming Updates...

Studio Wildcard has also announced the start times for the upcoming Ark TLC 3 event, which is coming Saturday, 7th November 2020.

Also, a first look at the new Ark Genesis 2 updating (coming 2021) looks to be planned for 11 November, 2020.