ARK Fear Evolved 2020: Halloween Event 4 Release Date, Skins, Chibi Creatures, Items And More

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ARK Fear Evolved Update - Studio Wildcard has now announced an official start time for the next EVO event, Fear Evolved, along with some additional updates for PS4, Xbox and PC players.

You'll find everything you need to know on the above link.


Original Story Follows - ARK Survival Evolved players, trick or treat?

You're in for a treat! Developers Studio Wildcard has announced this year's Halloween event.

Fear Evolved will be the fourth Halloween event the game has seen.

There's so much to look forward to, keep reading to find out what that includes!

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ARK Fear Evolved 2020



This year's Fear Evolved event will begin from October 22nd and will run until November 6th.

Below are the patch notes from the ARK community page on Steam.


  • 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation)
  • 2X Player XP


In addition to some of the past favorites from Fear Evolved, survivors will find themselves on the hunt for 11 new spooky themed chibi's to add to their growing collection and 7 new ghostly dinosaur skins.

Spooky Encounters

  • DodoRex (Untamable Boss)
  • DodoWyvern (Untamable Boss)
  • Zomdodo
  • Zombie Fire Wyvern (claimable & persist after Fear Evolved)
  • Zombie Lightning Wyvern (claimable & persist after Fear Evolved)
  • Zombie Poison Wyvern (claimable & persist after Fear Evolved)
  • Skeletal Giganotosaurus
  • Skeletal Quetzal
  • Skeletal Jerboa
  • Bone Fire Wyvern
  • Skeletal Bronto
  • Skeletal Stego
  • Skeletal Trike
  • Skeletal Raptor
  • Skeletal Rex
  • Skeletal Carnotaurus
  • Ghost Reaper (Surface reapers) *new*
  • Ghost Bulbdog *new*
  • Ghost Rex *new*
  • Ghost Basilisk *new*
  • Ghost Snow Owl *new*
  • Ghost Mantis *new*
  • Ghost Direwolf new

Event Chibis (acquired via killing Dodowyvern/Dodorex or Cooking Pot recipe)

  • Skeletal Giganotosaurus *new*
  • Skeletal Quetzal *new*
  • Skeletal Jerboa *new*
  • Skeletal Bronto *new*
  • Skeletal Stego *new*
  • Skeletal Trike *new*
  • Skeletal Raptor *new*
  • Skeletal Rex *new*
  • Skeletal Carnotaurus *new*
  • Bone Wyvern *new*
  • Zombie Wyvern new

Ghost Creature Skins (acquired via killing Ghost creatures)

  • Reaper *new*
  • Bulbdog *new*
  • Rex *new*
  • Basilisk *new*
  • Snow Owl *new*
  • Mantis *new*
  • Direwolf *new*


  • Pumpkin
  • Stolen Headstone
  • Scarecrow
  • Dinosaur Bone
  • Dino Candy Corn

Emotes (acquired via Cooking Pot recipe)

  • Scare Emote *new*
  • Knock Emote *new*
  • Panic Emote
  • Dance Emote
  • Zombie Emote

Skins (acquired via Cooking Pot recipe)

  • Reaper Swimsuit Skin *new*
  • Jack-O-Lantern Swimsuit Skin *new*
  • Pumpkin Helmet Skin
  • Headless Costume Skin
  • Hockey Mask Skin
  • Araneo Swimsuit Skins
  • Onyc Swimsuit Skins
  • Vampire Dodo Swimsuit Skins

Creature Event Colors

  • Dino Darker Grey
  • Dino Light Blue
  • Dino Dark Yellow
  • DragonBase1
  • Light Brown
  • Light Grey
  • Dino Light Brown
  • Dino Dark Brown
  • DragonFire
  • Vermillion *new*
  • ActualBlack *new*
  • MidnightBlue *new*
  • MediumAutumn *new*
  • DarkWarmGray *new*
  • Orange *new*
  • DarkLavender *new*
  • Jade *new*