Apex Legends Player Seeking Heirloom Unlocks All Cosmetics For Wrong Event

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Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just don’t get what you want.

An Apex Legends player has come to understand this hard truth more than most, having grinded the game’s Unshackled event, unlocking every cosmetic item in the process, only to eventually discover that the Crypto heirloom they’d been seeking was actually a reward for a different event.

Posting on Reddit in a thread that’s now been locked by moderators, likely for violating rules regarding inventory screenshots, user SirRobinofSon highlighted their confusion upon not receiving the heirloom.

Apex Legends Player Unlocks All Cosmetics For Wrong Event

Naturally, other players were quick to inform them of the situation’s grim reality, which is that the Crypto heirloom they’d worked so hard for was actually a reward for the game’s Warriors event, which concluded on April 12.

User GeneralNicole was polite enough to offer a thorough explanation of where SirRobinofSon had gone wrong, explaining that Warriors and Unshackled are different types of event, with only collection events like the former offering heirlooms as rewards.

“In your case it is unlucky,” they concluded, “because the thematic events do not come with an heirloom.”

Other responses were less analytical, offering a glimpse into the raw emotions of the Apex community, with user UrBoiJJ25 revealing: “I saw this and almost cried” and Lord_Chedder adding: “I am in pain reading this.”

Sadly, some other users offered less sympathy, with the top comment in the thread simply reading: “top ten fails”, while user unlivedSoup69 added: “this has got to be the most certified hood classic.”

In some comments now deleted by moderators, but still visible via SirRobinofSon’s Reddit profile page, the seemingly hoodwinked poster discussed the likelihood of receiving any kind of refund from EA for their erroneous expenditure.

Despite SirRobinofSon’s desire to receive some shards as a token of goodwill, they ended up agreeing with other players that the company taking this measure would cause lots of problems via a barrage of other players asking for something similar.

Back in the remaining thread, several users openly referred to SirRobinofSon as a “bozo”, while others paid their respects via the letter F.

A screenshot of the now locked Reddit thread.
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A screenshot of the now locked Reddit thread.

However, some other users questioned whether the post was genuine, with Smicksmack11 saying: “there is no way this isn’t a troll” and ParticularToast adding: “I refuse to believe this is real”.

Whatever the case, make sure to follow us for more updates on Season 13 of Apex Legends, to ensure that you don’t get caught out pursuing the wrong rewards.

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