TSM's Snip3down Explains How He Would Change Apex Legends Ranked Mode

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Respawn's FPS title has a fairly vocal community and with Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence releasing soon, no doubt there will be plenty more comments. Although any player, good or not, can state their opinion, those that many are actually interested in are coming from pro players.

In an interview, a TSM member commented on the current state of ranked on the changes he would make when questioned by a member of the community.


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TSM Snip3down's Suggested Changes To Ranked

Recently TSM member, Eric 'Snip3down' Wrona, made an appearance on the popular Apex Uncut show on YouTube. As with previous episodes, the guest is asked a number of questions ranging from team dynamics to buffs and nerfs.

One subject raised involved what changes Snip3down would make to the ranked system, specifically about the KP format.


A community member asked, "If you could change the ranked system to be more team-based, how would you change the current RP and KP format?"

A photograph taken of TSM Snip3down during a tournment.

TSM Snip3down responded saying, "3 KP max, something like that with placement heavy, KP should still matter but it should not be uncapped because that's just going to create an infest on ranked and it's just going to make it even worse than it already is.

"I think raising the KP has made ranked honestly worse in a sense because people are just focused on getting kills and that's why we're seeing more and more Rev comp and all that kind of stuff, Rev/Octane."


Snip3down finished by stating players need to learn to play the battle royale, rather than going around and third partying constantly.

Third partying is a common and frustrating practice in Apex Legends where players will wait until a fight breaks out, holding back until they can basically sandwich a team.

Overall we thinking TSM Snip3down makes a good point, Apex Legends is meant to be about being the last team standing rather than getting as many kills as you can, this sort of change could balance the current issue out.