The Triple Take Is Dead, Long Live the Triple Take

Apex Legends' Triple Take was one of my favourite guns to use in Season 9. It had the versatility of a sniper rifle at range, but turned into a pseudo-shotgun when your enemies got too close. But it's fair to say that moving into the Care Package in Season 10 killed the Triple Take. It dropped so rarely you forgot it was even an option, and when you found it you were inevitably disappointed that it wasn't a Kraber.

However, Season 11 sees a complete rework for my favourite sniper marksman weapon. As well as the shift in classification, it no longer takes sniper ammo, instead firing three energy projectiles at once. It therefore has a magazine three times larger to compensate for the fact that it eats ammo like I attack a Greggs vegan sausage roll. However, I'm not here to run through the patch notes, I'm here to explain that the Triple Take is now thoroughly broken in every conceivable way.

Drop into any Apex Legends ranked match in Season 11 and you'll undoubtedly be met by a chorus of "fewwwwm" from every direction. Open a death box - Triple Take. Check your death recap - Triple Take. Ask your teammates what they're running - Triple Take.

While the L-Star is still strong (but marginally less broken than last season) and the EVA-8 Shotgun is still by far and away the best shotgun (and one of the best guns full stop), the barely-nerfed Triple Take feels like a Care Package weapon as floor loot. Admittedly it wasn't buffed a huge amount when it went into the package, but on its exit it's hit the ground loot running.

With very little bullet drop and a nice 69 damage for a body shot, the Triple Take can comfortably take down most opponents in just three hits - fewer if you land a headshot. Energy ammo being more abundant than sniper helps you stay well stocked, and the mid-range scopes are among the best in the game. Of course, it can still moonlight as a shotgun if you need it to, too. Long range or short, the Triple Take can do it all.

If you thought that being removed from the Care Packages would be the death of the Triple Take, you were dead wrong - dropping to the floor has only improved the rifle to the point that it will dominate most matches this season.

The CAR SMG seems a little more balanced, but we expect both to receive nerfs in the next patch. For now, enjoy the overpowered Triple Take: stock up on energy ammo and take to Storm Point's high ground for some broken fun.

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