The Latest Apex Legends Trailer Hid A Subtle Reference To A Fan-Made Game Mode

Apex Legends players across the world tuned into the latest gameplay trailer in order to get a better idea of what Season 11 is bringing. As well as focusing on the new map, new Legend Ash, and new weapon CAR SMG, the trailer offered a subtle throwback to a fan-made game mode: the Trident Cup.

If you aren't aware of the Trident Cup, it was created by Puerto Rican architect and multimedia designer known as Spear last year, along with the Apex Lore Discord channel. It involved getting a group of players together and racing Tridents around a track on Olympus, denoted by Wattson fences.

You can check out the original trailer for it here:

Respawn caught wind of the clever six-player racing mode, even going as far as featuring it on the official Apex Legends Twitter account.

The final of the Trident Cup has also been uploaded to YouTube, if you want some exciting Olympus action:

However, Spear noticed that an homage to the Trident Cup was present in the Apex Legends Escape gameplay trailer. Cynical viewers might say it was just showcasing the Tridents, which will be important for gameplay on the new map due to the number of choke points and amount of water. However, eagle-eyed players will notice the Wattson fences around the edges, clearly demarking the predetermined route and referencing the fan-made mode.

The homage to the fan-made mode is a nice touch from Respawn, and shows the esteem that the developer holds its community in. While the battle royale has its issues with the likes of hackers and audio, as long as there is a creative community the game will live on.

Now all we need is for the Trident Cup to be introduced as an actual game mode - we all miss LTMs, right?

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