“Fuse Is Not Valued In Apex” - TimTheTatman Endorses Fuse In Apex Legends

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There is probably no character in a battle royale more underrated than Fuse in Apex Legends. He is not to blame either since he is a strictly offensive and vanguard fighter. Players need to be more all-around, strategic, and cooperative with other legends on their squad. Therefore, they tend to pick characters that would work better in Apex Legends ranked Arenas.

TimTheTatman wants people to see how much better Fuse is than they think. Basically, he played the character the way Warzone players fight, which turned out really well. It turns out Fuse in Apex Legends has a particular playing style, and it's for fans of Warzone.


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Fuse in Apex Legends ability suit Warzone players

TimTheTatman feels so strongly about Fuse in Apex Legends that he made two videos on it. I will put the first one below, but after, I definitely recommend watching the second one. Tim shows how Fuse can be an OP character if played right in Apex Legends through these videos.

The video starts at 00:18 for my mobile homies, and click here for the second video.


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TimTheTatman is known for his hip fire and aggressive playstyle. It's something he's struggled with in Apex Legends since it's a team game. He actually engaged NickMercs and Cloakzy in a heated argument over not playing with a team mindset in Apex Legends.

However, once he played Fuse in Apex Legends, TimTheTatman fell in love with the character. According to Tim, Fuse is way better than a lot of legends out there. Many people disagree because other characters offer more abilities and are better used outside of combat. To quote TimTheTatman:

"I'm sorry Caustic, I'm sorry Bloodhound, I'm sorry Revenant--I am officially a Fuse main. I am… Now, apparently Fuse is not valued in the Apex Legends community. I tweeted that he's the best legend; people didn't agree with me."

These videos proved that Fuse in Apex Legends is underrated. I might give him a try next time.