Tfue Demonstrates How To Shoot Without Recoil In Apex Legends

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Apex Legends allows players to control how recoil works on their weapons, and Turner
'Tfue' Tenney demonstrated how to do it. It takes some time and practice, but it seems to help keyboard and mouse players. It may take a lot more practice for those of you playing on a controller.

In Apex Legends, the technique for controlling recoil is called jitter aiming. It is worth developing since it makes the recoil almost entirely disappear. A person who masters this technique would do very well in Apex Legends Ranked mode.


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How To Lower Recoil In Apex Legends

Tfue first showed just how awful the recoil of certain weapons is in Apex Legends. First, he shot short-range, then long-range, and then he shot with jitter aiming. The difference is immense.

Dexerto covered this and said the technique is done by doing short circles, but I disagree entirely. Tfue's hand movements are exactly what they sound like, and he's shaking (or jittering) his mouse within a small radius as he shoots. However, I could be mistaken.


Watch the clip and see what you think:

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His demonstrations used the Flatline and L-STAR, but it most likely works with other weapons, too. Try it on the range with Apex Legends' best guns to see what works best, but this is a great move. A player's ability to control recoil is one of the most significant steps to becoming an Apex Predator.