Tfue Says Apex Legends Ranked Is Harder Than Construction Work

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Most FPS games, including their competitive modes, are demanding, including Apex Legends. According to Turner 'Tfue' Tenney, 4 hours of Apex Ranked is equivalent to 15 hours of construction, and we did not take that out of context. With confidence, Tfue finished the sentence his friend started.

Even the most difficult levels in Apex Legends are nearly four times more difficult than working on a construction site. Take it from someone who did manual labor; it is a good deal harder than it looks. I'd wager playing any character in the lowest Apex Legends tier list, or hardest Apex Legends ranked Arenas is still not four times harder than construction.


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Apex Legends Difficulty

Tfue's friend was going to log out because he was tired in the middle of a game. That's fair, it's not easy playing any competitive game for an extended period of time. You can feel it in your brain and eyes, but it's nowhere near what Tfue says.

Friend: I'm four hours in; that's my usual gig. Four hours of Apex Ranked is like 15 hours of...
Tfue: Of like f***ing--of being like a f***ing construction worker.

Here's the clip:


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I'm not sure how many readers will agree with Tfue's statement. Someone who has worked in construction and played Apex Legends Ranked may have different opinions. Timothy 'TimTheTatman' Betar also worked a manual labor job and said it was the hardest job he has ever done, and he would never repeat it.

Tfue is only 23 years old and has played Fortnite professionally since he was 19, so he may have worked for a construction company between 18 and 19. Although I'm not so sure, I wonder who would agree with this statement.