Snip3down Suggests New Feature To Make Third Party Battles More Fair In Apex Legends

Two teams can take a squad simultaneously, or one after another in Apex Legends ranked, as in other battle royale games. It is known as "third partying," and some professionals feel bad about it, as it feels unfair to them to have to fight more than one person at a time. Snip3down is one of those who has an idea that might make the game more fun.

He suggests changing the way audio is handled based on ammunition. As you can see from the tweet, being stealthy in the game could be a smart move. I disagree with hating third partying, it's part of the game, but I favor adding this feature before Season 11 comes.

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Apex Legends Third Party

Basically, you want to make it hard to determine where the bullet comes from. It's a little unrealistic since bullets are loud. Still, it's an interesting aspect to consider.

Dexerto's talented author Alex Garton found this tweet:

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Even though some sites have said that this is a problem, it's actually a two-sided argument. Is it annoying when someone else comes to pick you off? Yes, but that's a battle royale. These aren't separate duels that occur in a tournament format.

It is you vs. everyone else.

If this is an issue, battle royales are not for you. You have to face everyone, even when it's inconvenient. When I face someone right after, I don't feel any sadness that it can happen; it's part of the fun.

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