Snip3down Reveals His Apex Legends Controller Settings Live on Stream

Eric 'Snip3down' Wrona is one of the world's best Apex Legends controller players. In Apex Legends Ranked and tournaments, he is constantly frying his opponents. However, many people cannot use controllers due to their settings.

Players can customize battle royale controller settings in many different ways. Players can change everything from a joystick's sensitivity to the aim speed. In response to many requests, Snip3down showed how he plays to help those who use controllers.

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Apex Legends Controller Settings

Snip3down has been asked several times what his controller settings are. It's a good trade secret since someone with a worse setup can lose if they get into a gunfight. Therefore, it's understandable that Snip3down doesn't want to show anyone.

It's time to try this out so everyone can see if it works for them.

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The actual settings are ridiculously low. Although I expected Snip3down to have completely different Apex Legends settings across the board, they seem very tame. If it works for one of the best, it should work for others as well.

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