Shroud Isn’t Impressed With the New Apex Legends Map

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Many players are concerned about the new map in Apex Legends. One of those players is Michael' Shroud' Grzesiek. He tried out the map and is concerned about third parties and the lack of movement spots.

"Third-party" is when two opposing groups of players get into a firefight, and a third group of players comes in either during or immediately after to fight one of the teams. A viewer told Shroud that the developers made the map change to avoid this issue, but Shroud wasn't convinced. Down below, we have his other concern.

ImperialHal on the Apex Legends map: ImperialHal Doesn't Like The New Apex Legends Map

Apex Legends new map

In Apex Legends, a larger map will not eliminate the possibility of getting third-partied. This is something that will happen in battle royales. Players can't avoid it.

Thank you to my friend, Isaac McIntyre from Dexerto, for finding these clips:

Besides that, he had another issue with it. As he played Storm Point, he raised concerns about how Respawn designed smaller POIs on the Apex Legends map.

He found that there were several places on the Gaea map that he couldn't reach. According to Shroud, it wasn't a good way to design the game. According to Shroud, these kinds of changes would transform the game forever, but that may be a bit much to ask.

As if Fortnite changed forever with each new season, it's true, but the games were designed to keep improving.

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