Apex Legends Is Fixing Its Most Annoying Shield Swap Bug

Shield swapping is a huge part of Apex Legends. While the developers never intended for it to be a thing, players soon found that quickly searching a death box for a new Evo Shield mid-fight was the quickest way to heal your shields. Thankfully, unlike tap strafing, the unintended action was left in the game and is now a surefire tactic at the highest levels of play.

Whether your climbing the Apex Legends ranked ladder or tuning into the Apex Legends Global Series, shield swapping will be a constant. It's been a skill since the game launched, but as we hurtle towards Apex Legends Season 11 it's more important to learn than ever before.

However, there was an annoying bug when players swapped from fully-leveled (red) Evo Armour to a fresh Gold set. Usually, if your armour is broken and you want to swap to a shield of lower rarity, you just need to click once on a shield in a death box. However, this didn't quite work when swapping to a Gold (Legendary) shield. Luckily, though, this looks like it's going to be fixed.

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Apex Legends Is Fixing Its Most Annoying Shield Swap Bug

Respawn's director of communications, Ryan Rigney, acknowledged on Twitter that the issue will be fixed in the next patch. Keep your eyes on the Apex Legends patch notes to know exactly when the change will be live (and when tap strafing will be removed, much to the annoyance of Apex pros and streamers).

Players are incredibly satisfied with the change and it's not hard to see why. There's nothing worse than clicking on a shield to swap mid-fight and closing out of the tab - still empty-shielded - because you forgot to click and hold.

Hopefully this will introduce some goodwill between players and developers after tensions were raised during the tap strafing debate. If nothing else, it's a great quality of life improvement for shield swaps.

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