Apex Legends: Have Sentinel and Rampage Weapons Been Removed?

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Apex Legends Storm Point Map Screengrab

Apex Legends is a popular online battle-royale game but this doesn't protect it from bugs and people who want to exploit them. There are many powerful weapons in the game, but two that have gained notoriety recently are the Sentinel Rifle and Rampage LMG. We're here to answer an important question, have the Sentinel and Rampage been removed?

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Have Sentinel and Rampage Weapons Been Removed?

At the moment, it looks like the Sentinel Rifle and the Rampage LMG have been returned to Apex Legends.

Why Were They Removed?

Both the Sentinel and Rampage have a charge ability. This is where you can use one of your consumables to charge up the weapon to make it more powerful. However, a bug recently appeared in-game that gave both of these weapons infinite charge. This was patched but savvy players found a way around it. The developers decided to temporarily take the weapons out of the game until they can find a permanent solution.

They have taken this course of action because a charged Sentinel and Rampage are extremely powerful weapons. This gives teams using the exploit/bug an unfair advantage against other squads.

Apex Legends Lifeline using a sniper weapon in a Legendary Skin.
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There are still a lot of powerful Sniper Rifles and LMGs for you to use!

Playing fairly seems to be a big focus for the developers of Apex Legends. Recently, it seems that a particular move has been taken out of the game too. You can find out more about that in our guide on what Tap-Strafing is and if it has been removed. If you want to kit yourself out properly, take a look at our guide on the best weapons for this season.

Updated January 18th, 2022.

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