Apex Legends Season 10: Nessie Bug Removed

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Although many in the community seem to be extremely happy with Apex Legends Season 10, there are a few disgruntled players.

The title has a fair few bugs and the team at Respawn is constantly hard at work to fix them, although, there are a few glitches that don't really do any harm to the game and are a bit of fun.


Nessie fans aren't too happy right now, let's find out why.

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Nessie Bug Removed

Wattson players and those with them in their squad are calling for Respawn to revert a change.


Previously players would be able to actually place a Nessie on their head, if you don't know what a Nessie is then check the video below for an example of the glitch.

Since the release of Season 10, players have been unable to do this harmless trick, as displayed in the below tweet. There's over 300 retweets, 82 quote tweets and 3.2k likes at the time of writing and to say some players are outraged is an understatement.

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Some may be wondering why it's such a big deal and in reality, to most it isn't, but many have made the point that Respawn seem to quickly patch out these silly bugs such as emote jumping fairly quickly when in reality it isn't necessary, whereas when it comes to real issues they take longer to go about fixing them.

We'll have to see if players can change the developers' mind, though we highly doubt they will reintroduce what's technically a bug but we'll keep our fingers crossed for you Watt mains!

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