Apex Legends Streamer ImperialHal Urges Players To "Play What Is Given To Us"

Apex Legends Season 10 launches today, and players are excited to jump into a fresh new updated version of the battle royale. There have been World’s Edge map updates, a new weapon (the Rampage LMG), and of course the newest addition to Apex Legends, Seer.

However, not everyone is a fan of the updates – despite the fact that they haven’t even played it yet. The Apex Legends patch notes for Season 10 were released yesterday, and players have noticed a few changes (or lack of) that they aren’t happy with.

Most noticeably, there are no buffs to Wattson or Crypto, two criminally underused characters who don’t make waves on our Apex Legends tier list. The Flatline, one of the best guns in Apex Legends, isn’t getting any kind of nerf, and it will still be available to buy in the first round of Arenas next season.

Apex Legends Streamer ImperialHal Urges Players To "Play What Is Given To Us"

The biggest outcries are around the lack of nerf to Bloodhound – who is one of the strongest characters in the game – and a buff to Caustic, who can make games insufferable, especially at the highest competitive levels. 

However, Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen, who plays for TSM and is one of Apex Legends’ biggest streamers, offers some words of warning to fellow pro players who are complaining about the update. 

“[What] us pros need to understand, and I’m also completely guilty of this, is that these patch notes will 90% of the time not cater to us at all,” he writes on Twitter. “[The] reason is because we aren't the money makers for them, we are just pros that are meant to play what is given to us and of course we will be disappointed with the updates because like I said it's not meant for us.

“It does suck that the game gets easier and we aren't heard as much as others, but it is what it is. We are professionals after all to do our best no matter what is given at us. If you don't accept it, then someone else will and just take your place, simple.”

This prompted a long discussion between the game’s best players about who the patch notes should serve. Ideally, of course, everyone would be happy, but that may be an unrealistic expectation.

The boost to Caustic could see the toxic ALGS meta return, which in turn makes the tournaments – which are supposed to display the pinnacle of Apex gameplay – more dull and boring, and this in turn could impact newcomers tuning in to Year 2. However, without regular players there would be no ALGS or esports scene at all. 

Players and streamers are split on the new patch notes, but we only have a few hours before we can all jump in and see how the new season plays for ourselves.

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