Apex Legends Revenant Rework: Apex Dev Discusses Potential Balance Changes

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Respawn are known for making plenty of regular changes to their FPS title, some of which do not appease fans, usually the character buffs and nerfs in particular leave many players up in arms.

With Apex Legends Season 10 on the way, we expect some things to get switched up. Currently the legend tier list has pretty much stayed the same for a while and it would be great to see someone new up top.


Luckily we have devs like Jaybiebs who give us a little peek into the potential future of Apex Legends. He recently spoke on Revenant, a legend which many love but can't get behind due to mechanics, lets find out more.

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Apex Legends Revenant Rework

John Larson, associate live balance designer at Respawn, otherwise knowns as JayBiebs, recently appeared on the Apex Uncut podcast which can be found below.


Balancing Revenant/Octane Meta

Within the interview Larson commented on the current meta for Revenant and Octane, though didn't mentioned many players have been adding Caustic to their squads too.

To give some clarity, the meta involves Revenant placing down their totem, teammates entering into shadow state, Octane placing their jump pad and the team basically bombarding another without much fear due to the protection from the totem. Some teams have even gone as far as to place Caustic's gas traps around the totem so that the it stays protected for a safe return.

Obviously Larson can't divulge too much information but he said that this is definitely something the team is looking into. One solution he suggested involved changing up the visibility of the totem, similar to that of Loba's black market.


When Loba uses her ultimate a large blue bubble appears spreading outwards from the market itself, an audio cue is also heard and as a play takes items a blue trail is spread from the item to the market.

Doing something like this would at least give nearby teams a heads up that Revenant and his squad members are entering into a shadow state.

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Changing Revenant's Tactical

Co-host Zach Mazer from Cloud9 later got onto the topic of revisiting Revenant's tactical, silence. Currently the ability creates an orange orb which can be launched by the player, if an enemy runs into it they will be unable to use abilities for 15 seconds.

The main issue is that silence does more than just prevent abilities, it's almost like a flash bang, leave players sort of blinded and stunned. This may not seem a major issue to some but in fast paced tournaments it could be a teams downfall.

Larson said that they team have definitely weighed up how good or bad the "flashbang" effect is but it seems currently that this isn't a priority.


Hopefully we'll see some changes soon, maybe Revenant wont be a meta choice in Season 10, could someone else take his place, possibly Seer?

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