Apex Legends Devs Are Working on A Hotfix for Encore Arena Glitch

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Apex Legends continues to captivate players around the world, with a new map on the way in Storm Point, as well as an upcoming Halloween event, Monsters Within. Like many live-service games, Apex Legends has experienced a number of glitches. In the latest instance, bullets are flying through walls in the Encore map, but it shouldn't be an issue for long.

Respawn Entertainment acknowledged the problem on Reddit and said that a fix is in the works.


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Apex Legends Devs Are "Working On A Hotfix" For Encore Arena Glitch

Reddit user debroodpiraat is one of many who recognized the glitch and even posted a clip to showcase the problem. As seen in the video below, the bug is prominent mainly in the Encore Arena map. While the player is steady behind a large wall, shots from enemies are penetrating the large boulder and even hitting the player.


Respawn's lead level designer, Dave Osei, responded to the issue stating that a resolution is being worked on:

Ugh, I’m sorry. This sucks. We should’ve caught this earlier. Working on a fix
Thanks. We’re aware and working on a hotfix. Once again, sorry about this :(

While the shooter's experience has remained relatively smooth, certain glitches pop up sometimes. From the bizarre care package bug to even the Nessie one, Respawn Entertainment has been quick to respond to these issues. If their track record is anything to go by, the glitch should be patched up very soon.