All Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event Skins

The Raiders Collection Event will begin in Apex Legends tomorrow.

The festive event sees the infamous Winter Express return to the Apex shores, with the event seemingly replacing the traditional Holo-Day Bash that has become a staple part of the Apex festive calendar.

As always, there will be a host of rewards available to those who get stuck into the Christmas offerings, and that includes a number of new themed skins.

Here are all of the skins that have been confirmed so far.

Raiders Collection Event Skins

The team at Respawn Entertainment have kept their cards close to their chest with regards to the majority of the content that will be coming our way, but they have kept us in the loop with a social media post here and a blog post there.

By scouring through the internet we can bring you the full breakdown of every skin that you can expect to see in the Raiders Collection when it lands in Apex Legends.

There will be a total of 24 themed, limited-time cosmetics up for grabs during the Raiders Collection Event.

Respawn has not disclosed any names for the items as such, but they have confirmed that there will be skins for Wraith, Valkyrie and Bloodhound.

You can view the skins in the Raiders Collection blog post found on EA Sports' official website here. We've also added a gallery below for you to take a look.

Raiders Collection Event Store Skins

The following skins will be available to purchase in the Apex Legends Store during the Raiders Collection Event.

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Wattson Deep Current Skin

There will be a new skin arriving for Wattson, with the skin coming as part of the Deep Current Bundle that will arrive in the store's rotation from December 7th.

It will be available for the longevity of the event, with the bundle remaining in the store for a two week cycle.

Revenant Burial at Sea Skin

Revenant is the second Legend collecting a skin that will be available for both weeks of the Raiders Collection Event.

A snazzy pirate-themed number will be heading Revenant's way, one of seven items that will be available in the bundle.

Bangalore Killing Machine Skin

A classic Bangalore skin will be returning to the market this festive season.

The Killing Machine skin will be part of the Bring the Pain Bundle, but will also be available to purchase separately for 1,800 CM.

Octane Sonic Boom Skin

Octane will be the featured Legend in Week Two of the event, with a previously released skin coming courtesy of the Faster Faster Faster! Bundle.

Entitled Sonic Boom, the vibrant blue and pink skin will be available from December 14th.

Lifeline Breach and Clear Skin

Lifeline will have a fan favourite available to purchase in Week One of the Raiders Collection Event.

The Breach and Clear skin will be available from December 7th until December 14th.

Gibraltar Gibraltron Bundle

The Gibraltron Bundle will be returning to the store during the Raiders Collection Event.

It will be available from December 7th-December 14th.

Caustic Killing Joke

The Joker inspired Killing Joke skin will return for Caustic fans this Christmas time.

You will have from December 14th-December 21st to purchase the Killing Joke Bundle.

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