Apex Legends Punching Bug May Be Isolated To One Character

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Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence is edging closer and with each season comes plenty of bugs, which then turns into a lot of trial and error for the dev team to resolve. When these fixes are put in place they can usually be found within the patch notes, so check back there to see if any bug-fixing updates make it to the game.

Unfortunately, just before Season 10, we've run into a pretty broken punching bug regarding one legend in particular, the newest edition. We know she belongs to the sky but who knew she took her enemies with her?


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Apex Legends Broken Punching Bug

Many players have taken to Twitter to show clips of a bug within Apex Legends. The melee attack seems to be completely broken when Valk is attacked during the use of her jet pack.

In a few of these videos, it seems that the player hitting Valk stretches to allow the animation to complete and the hit to land. It seems fairly funny to look at but being on the other end and dying to the slender man may not be as humorous.


Many other players went on to share their run-ins with this issue and as mentioned above it looks pretty hilarious but we can understand the frustration from players.

Although this is pretty infuriating for Valk players, we'll just have to wait and see if Respawn deems it important enough to fix. The bug doesn't seem to affect any other players, and appears to only impact Valk when she is using her VTOL Jets mid-fistfight.

The community is still waiting on multiple audio fixes so, we won't be on the edge of our seat waiting for this punching bug to get sorted, but we remain optimistic.