"I’ve Won More Tournaments Than You’ve Ever Been In” - NRG Sweetdreams Roasts Apex Legends Streamer

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After a death in an Apex Legends Ranked match, some pros got into a heated argument. A player called "Slurp" was arguing with Chris "sweetdreams" Sexton, although it was less of an argument and more of one player getting incredibly angry while the other was calm. Slurp sounded really hurt at one point; even Sweetdreams was trying to calm him down.

We assume that Slurp is TheSlurpeeG due to the name and voice but it is never confirmed in this argument.


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Apex Legends argument

It starts out with the lesser-known player, Slurp, accusing Sweetdreams of being a bad player. Sweetdreams roasts Slurp, and it's easy to see that Slurp got hurt. It's pretty awkward, and it's hard not to feel bad for Slurp. The first clip is below.

Sweetdreams completely toasted this poor guy. Slurp continues the argument, saying Sweetdreams sounds hurt. Unfortunately, Slurp's voice lets us know how hurt he is.


Slurp refuses to let Sweetdreams end the conversation, making it very awkward. Even the chat is commenting on how hurt Slurp sounds. Like in real life, this arguement went from fun banter to downright awkward.

Towards the end, Sweetdreams apologizes for getting to a bad point, trying to end it. Slurp is trying to get personal, but Sweetdreams just brushes it off. Everyone eventually tells Slurp to go to bed because he is obviously hurt.

Even another player jumps in to help Slurp feel better, "Slurp, we need a deep breath." Slurp won't stop because Sweetdreams keeps mumbling jabs while he tells him to go to bed.


The following are just a few clips from the entire debate, which I highly recommend. It is one of those arguments where you wish the losing side would give up because it will only worsen. But they don't, so it gets worse for them. Start it at 10:51:21.