“He’s Very Aggressive” - NokokoPuffs Describes iiTzTimmy’s Playstyle in Apex Legends

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Christian "Nokokopuffs" Feliciano has been asked to do a 56-hour stream for Apex Legends ranked mode. While he didn't intend to do such a thing, he may do this in the future. The chat moved on to Timmy' iiTzTimmy' An, who recently streamed Apex Legends for 54 hours.

It's not surprising that iiTzTimmy is aggressive in-game, but being more aggressive than a regular player is. NokokoPuffs described IiTzTimmy's playstyle as being quite different from his own. NokokoPuffs said he often played with Timmy before going further.


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iiTzTimmy Apex Legends Playstyle

In Apex Legends, you are rewarded for being bold enough to move forward because you are granted a higher chance of success. Because of this, aggressive players like iiTzTimmy can push through the ranks so much more quickly than others. Although NokokoPuffs played with iiTzTimmy recently, he said he had to calm him down a little bit.

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In the words of NokokoPuffs:

"Me and Timmy have different playstyles, though. Timmy's very aggressive. He's very aggressive. He's very, you know, like push, push, push. Even when I play with him, he wanted to push, even in Pred[ator], and I was like 'chill.'"

iiTzTimmy enjoys getting into fights with other players in Apex Legends. I believe we have some of his best clips that show how he gets himself into bad situations just to see them through. Nevertheless, that explains how he could get to Predator so quickly in his stream.