NICKMERCS Threatens to Quit if Apex Legends Has Another Long-term Stability Problem

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The servers for Apex Legends were having a bit of a problem. Many players reported being kicked out of lobbies, the game crashed for many, and it just wasn't a fun time. Respawn Entertainment, developers of Apex Legends, took a few days to resolve the issue, but it seemed too long for many players.

Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff was furious with Respawn Entertainment for its long response time. The whole time, his game crashed, and he was unable to join any Apex Legends Ranked lobbies. After Respawn Entertainment fixed things, Nickmercs issued a definitive statement opposing the long fix and threatened to quit if it happened again.


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Apex Legends Servers Down

NICKMERCS was angry and started his video with a message for Respawn entertainment. He said that he loved Apex Legends and didn't want to leave the game but would if they ever had another issue that took three days to fix. This seems like a harsh thing for NICKMERCS to say, but it's heard below.


For those who don't want to watch the video, we have the quote from NICKMERCS himself:

"We're talking about if or will I ever quit Apex Legends and I'm gonna keep it a buck fifty with ya. If they ever put out an update or my game breaks and I can't play ranked for three days again, I'm outta here. And that's on everything."

Respawn Tweeted about the issue as well:


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Developers would probably feel unfairly treated by such strong words. The solutions to games' problems aren't always apparent; some take time and troubleshooting. However, gamers are not responsible for games working as they should, just as grocery store customers are not responsible for their cash registers working.

Likewise, NICKMERCS left Warzone because Activision didn't appear to be doing anything to stop the hackers. NICKMERCS' departure seems reasonable after looking at it from that perspective. If it happens, I hope that NICKMERCS moves to Splitgate since it's a good game.