“Masters Is Predator?” NICKMERCS Is Not Impressed By CouRageJD’s Apex Legends Solo Master Rank

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As we wrote about previously, Jack' CouRageJD' Dunlop went to Master rank in Apex Legends. It was a completely solo run that took him 55 hours to do. While many were happy, one notable name was not, his close friend, Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff.

NICKMERCS isn't letting CouRageJD have his moment in the sun. He has already criticized CouRageJD in his previous rise to Apex Predator. Today, when asked by Benjamin DrLupo Lupo, NICKMERCS was honest.


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Apex Legends Master Rank

NICKMERCS was asked what he thought of CouRageJD's Master rank tweet in Apex Legends. The only response he gave was, "Masters is Predator ?????" The tweet is below.


DisRespect even agreed that it wasn't close. Master rank is no small feat for a single person. Although this is an accomplishment, it doesn't prove he could make it through Predator alone.

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The jump from Masters to Predator is indeed much more extensive than all the other ranks. It literally does all it can to separate those at the top from those who aren't. Streamers should have no problem getting to masters, according to pros. This was an answer Albralelie gave once before when asked what he thought of streamers reaching the top.


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In only 9 hours, NICKMERCS and Doc rained on CouRageJD's parade. CouRageJD hasn't commented on either post, but he simply needs to get to Predator without his highly skilled duos partners. Maybe people will be more inclined to agree with him if he can reach Predator without the biggest names in Apex Legends.