"Our teammate is f***ing cracked" - NICKMERCS Didn't Realize He Was Teaming With A Hacker In Apex Legends

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Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore stops playing with Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff for the day, forcing Nick to play with a hacker in Apex Legends. Initially, Nick thought this would be a future pro. Watching them try to figure out why the player is so good is hilarious.

Apex Legends is excellent because it handles its players since NICKMERCS sees the punishment for cheating. Contrary to Warzone, where they complain, and the player usually gets away with it. There's a happy ending to this strange story, which is actually unexpected.

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NICKMERCS played with a hacker in Apex Legends

Interestingly, the video starts with them still discussing CouRageJD's rise to Apex Predator before this starts. Then, Multiple times, NICKMERCS can be heard saying, "What is happening right now?" They get mowed down, and the hacker demolishes everyone else, but they never realize he is one until the game tells them.

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Nick tries to figure it out because neither he nor his teammate is aware that their third great player is a hacker:

"Our teammate is f***ing cracked, is he--I mean he's not cheating right? He's good… Oh my God, he's a demon." and neither can believe the player is cheating.

Nick was smiling and happy at first. He really thought the guy was that good. Then his teammate shot some players from the sky at a distance where he couldn't see them. In the next second, the player landed and made a headshot that would have been the best reflex ever.


Then Nick says that they will reap the benefits of the excellent player, but they have no concrete evidence. At one point, the hacking player is even killed, so it's easy to see how he could hide it for so long. Nick says that Apex Legends immediately banned the hacker after the game, but there is no confirmation in the video.

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