Apex Legends Trailer Accidentally Leaks New Assault Rifle

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Apex Legends developer Respawn has admitted to accidentally revealing a weapon that is still in development in the latest trailer. The trailer for the Rampart Town Takeover and Evolution Collection Event showed the Nemesis Burst AR in the Arenas screen. According to director of communications Ryan Rigney, this was not a teaser but an error, and he joked that he needs to get his eyes checked out.

Whether Apex Legends' Nemesis Burst AR will be one of the best guns in the game remains to be seen, but we can already make out some information from the leaked images.


You can check out the full patch notes here, but you'll have to be pretty eagle-eyed to spot the new weapon. Luckily, we're breaking down everything you need to know right here.

Apex Legends Trailer Accidentally Leaks Nemesis Assault Rifle

It's worth noting first of all that Rigney tweeted to say that the weapon leak was an accident, and the Nemesis is still a long way off. So don't hold your breath for a new Assault Rifle, it might not even come in Season 11.


However, this doesn't stop us from working out exactly what it will be. The R-301 image is likely a placeholder, but the Extended Energy Magazine could be correct.

So, the Nemesis will be a burst-firing energy AR - so somewhere between the Havoc and the Hemlok? It won't have the spinning mechanic of the Havoc or Devotion - nor will it have the Turbocharger hop-up - because that wouldn't make any sense for a burst weapon.

Here's the full shot of the Nemesis Burst AR in Arenas mode.

It's more likely that it does a little less damage than the Hemlok, but has less recoil to contend with. That's the trade-off that most energy weapons in Apex Legends usually make.

It also costs 500 Materials in Arenas, meaning it should be roughly as powerful as the Hemlok. This could also be a placeholder price, however, so don't read too much into that.