The Most Embarrassing Apex Legends Streamer Moments This Week

There are many great pros in Apex Legends, but we rarely comment on their mistakes. There have been many embarrassing situations every week, from accidentally killing themselves to getting dominated by another player. Even once, we wrote about Phillip 'ImperialHal' Dosen abandoning his team and running away from a fight.

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Apex Legends embarrassing plays

Firstly, we have ImperialHal, who is an excellent player in Apex Legends. That's why he spends so much time leading his team. Through tap strafing, another player could dodge all of ImperialHal's shots, making him look a lot less good.

Jack "NiceWigg" Martin recently went to 100 Thieves for his outstanding Apex Legends skill. There are times, however, when he does not work as well as he should. As an example, when he catapulted himself out of the map and couldn't get back in. I really don't know how he managed that.

NICKMERCS Kolcheff was watching a story in Apex Legends when he noticed that the action didn't sound like action at all. It sounded like the characters were doing something completely different. Thus, he tried to leave immediately. Throughout, viewers could hear the moans and grunts.

Those are our picks. If you want more of these, let us know in the Facebook comments, and we'll keep this going as a series.

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