You Need to Drink 60 Cans of Monster Energy to Finish the Latest Apex Legends Event

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Apex Legends events usually incorporate a rewards tracker, but this one is a bit different. Instead of completing in-game challenges or, say, getting 100 Arenas kills, you need to buy Monster Energy drinks and upload the receipts to a special site.

While the rewards will hardly help you climb the Apex Legends ranked ladder, many players want to get their hands on the exclusive cosmetics, which are unlikely to be released any other time.


The Monster Energy Apex Legends event is the latest promotion that Respawn has added to the game. Most previous promotions were limited to the ALGS esports scene, with the likes of Lenovo sponsoring the major events. However, some players are concerned with the health issues that present themselves with consuming a lot of energy drinks.

You Need to Drink 60 Cans of Monster to Finish the Latest Apex Legends Event

According to Healthline, children or teenagers should not consume energy drinks due to the high amounts of caffeine and sugar. As per its recipe, Monster contains 54g of sugar per can, and Healthline estimates 80 mg of caffeine per 8 ounces (237 ml). With cans of Monster over double that size, just over two cans per day would exceed an average adult's recommended daily intake of caffeine. However, Healthline recommends you drink even less than that.

"If you decide to consume energy drinks, limit them to no more than 16 ounces (473 ml) of a standard energy drink per day and try to limit all other caffeinated beverages to avoid excessive intake of caffeine," Healthline says.


With players rushing to buy cans of energy drink to boost their battle pass, it is easy to see where the health concerns come from. While the final cosmetic item requires 50 cans rather than the full 60, levels for your Season 10 Battle Pass are available if you drink 10 more beverages.

While there is no requirement to actually drink the Monster that you buy in order to progress your rewards, it would be a monumental waste of money to not touch the energy drinks you have bought. Players are already joking (we think) about ending up in hospital thanks to the promotion.

Other players are taking to social media to expect their grievances that buying multipacks of Monster Energy only counts as one can on the prize track. Other receipts are being rejected outright by the automated system.


The Monster Energy campaign is already hitting pitfalls, but some players believe it is worth it to get their hands on those cosmetics.