Apex Legends Fans Are Jealous of the Mobile Game's Quality of Life Improvements

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Apex Legends Mobile is only in beta testing at the moment, but players of the regular game on PC and console are already looking at some of the mobile entry's features with envy. While the regular game is pretty polished when it comes to gameplay, features like the Firing Range and weapon profiles could use some improvement.

Whether you'll be able to have as much fun climbing the Apex Legends ranked ladder on mobile remains to be seen, but we imagine our tier list of characters will look similar for both - as will the best guns in the game. At present, not every character on our regular Apex Legends tier list is available on mobile - hence the disparities between the lists - but we imagine more Legends will join the fray as the mobile game gets closer to release.


The gameplay in the mobile version looks a bit different - if you take a look at some of the Apex Legends Mobile beta footage, there are third-person elements and the obvious touchscreen controls, but it is some of the quality of life features that players of the regular game envy.

Apex Legends Fans Are Jealous of the Mobile Game's QoL Improvements

The first feature that Apex Legends fans were excited by in the latest mobile beta is the Firing Range.


As you can see from this five-minute video posted to Reddit, the Firing Range not only offers infinite ammo (something that has been long requested in the regular game), but also practice game modes where the dummies move and run about so you can hone your aim.

Many players also noticed the 5-round Kraber, but this is likely a balance change due to the fact that sniping on mobile devices is more difficult than with keyboard and mouse.

However, it's not just the Firing Range that has been improved, as weapon profiles also look a little different, as you can see from this image posted to Reddit by Bossuter.

A blueprint of the R-99 SMG in Apex Legends Mobile, showing its statistics listed to the left.

The image includes specific damage rates and reload speeds, something which the regular game doesn't come close to offering. To understand the damage for weapons you either have to head to the Firing Range and let loose single bullets, or find out online on sites like the Apex Legends wiki. Apex Legends Mobile even shows you the recoil pattern of each weapon!

Players are hoping that Apex Legends takes some inspiration from PUBG, and implements some of these quality of life improvements into the main game after the mobile edition is launched. As Apex Legends Mobile is still in beta, however, they may be waiting a while.