LGBTQIA Representation in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends has always been a game with a varied cast of characters that goes above and beyond to be inclusive and representative of its varied fan base.

Featuring characters with different body types, ethnicities, and personalities, Respawn has also done a great job of representing different genders and sexualities.


The LGBTQIA Cast of Apex Legends

Apex Legends Bloodhound
BLOODHOUND: From the very beginning Apex's Cast has been diverse

Apex Legends has taken to heart each Legend's full identity from the very start, going far beyond their individual personalities, skills, and ethnic origins to include their genders and sexuality.

There are currently six confirmed LGBTQIA characters in Apex Legends, with a few that fans have thoughts on but have not officially been detailed.

Bloodhound (Non-Binary)

From the first introduction of Bloodhound, Respawn has referred to them with They/Them pronouns and have taken the official stance that Bloodhound is non-binary.


Non-binary persons do not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth and do not categorize their gender as either male or female.

As seen above, Bloodhound's voice actress is a staunch supporter of Bloodhound and their gender identity.

Fuse (Pansexual)

In Season 8's introduction to Apex Legends, Fuse is seen as a charismatic mercenary from Salvo. Shortly after, he was officially identified as pansexual by Respawn after a fan questioned them about why Fuse is described as a "‘Ladies’ man, man’s man, and all-around manly man."

Fuse does not care who a person is.

If they deserve loving, he will be happy to give it to them.

He has even given Caustic a good 'ol tap on the bottom.

He tried with Bloodhound, but they (almost literally) shot him down.

Gibraltar (Gay)

GIBBY: A complicated past with a lifelong promise to protect others
GIBBY: A complicated past with a lifelong promise to protect others

The first LGBTQIA recognized in Apex Legends, Gibraltar's backstory involves an incident that happened to him and his boyfriend, Nikolas, that led Gibby to lead a life of protecting others.

His relationship with Nikolas is further explained in the Apex Legends comics.


Loba (Bisexual)

Apex Legends Loba
SLAY: Loba slays in all aspects of her life

Apex Legends' resident heartbreaker, Loba was confirmed as bisexual by the game's Senior Writer.

"Man-Eater and Lady Killer," one of Loba's lines in-game, says it all.

While her sexual orientation has not fully been fleshed out in Apex Legends lore, it does not need to be.

Loba may be bisexual, but it is not her defining trait.

Mirage (???)

Apex Legends Mirage and Rampart
CONFUSED: It is OK to be confused about one's sexuality

While it may be easy to say that Mirage is autosexual, his sexuality is questioned, even by him.

The only official stance on Mirage's sexuality comes from the Apex Legends coming "The First Ship, Part 2" where Rampart suggests that Mirage may have feelings for Pathfinder, and Mirage states, "Don’t you go using my already-standing-in-quicksand sexuality issues to confuse me."

Valkyrie (Lesbian)

Apex Legends Valk
SHY: Valk does not know the meaning of the word

Apex Legends' newest addition, Valk, is not shy when it comes to her sexual preferences.

"I like my women like I like my sake – cool and on someone else’s tab."

Not only is her in-game quip about how she's a womanizer, but in the latest comic pages, we see her repeatedly hit on other female Legends.

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Representation Matters

Representation matters in video games, and not just gender identity and sexuality.

Representation gives players validation when they see characters that are like themselves in the games they play.

The world is a diverse place, and it only makes sense that the video games people play are diverse as well.

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