Apex Legends Jester - Release Date, Lore, and Everything We Know

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Apex Legends Jester is one of nine newly leaked legends almost surely coming to Respawn’s hit battle royale sometime this year. While we don’t yet know how Jester might look, the Apex Legends leak did include a number of details about them, including their skills and how they fit into your team.

This guide covers what we know about Jester in Apex Legends so far, including their skills, potential release date, and more.

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When Is the Jester Release Date in Apex Legends?

So far, most of the leaked characters don’t have a solid release date or even a time frame. The leaked footage hosted on Reddit shows even less detail on Jester's model than Catalyst and some of the others - it even lacks color - so we’d be surprised if they were close to releasing anytime soon. Assuming Respawn sticks with their “one Legend per season” pattern, it may be a while before we actually see Jester in the game.

Is There Jester Lore?

Not yet, but that’s likely to change as Respawn gets closer to launching the character. Jester (rather obviously) revolves around illusions and sleight of hand, which opens some interesting possibilities for their backstory.

What Are Jester's Skills in Apex Legends?

Jester is a mixed support character with a variety of skills up their proverbial sleeves.

  • Passive: Rewire - Spawns with a frag grenade and can turn any grenade into a proximity mine
  • Tactical: Specter Drop - Drop Pod with three Specters in guard position
  • Ult: Cloak Field - Creates an area of invisibility that lasts for roughly six seconds.

In short, Jester potentially has a place on any team thanks to their multi-use skills and capacity for adapting to any situation.

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