ImperialHal Announces Permaban For Apex Legends Viewer Who Criticized Him

Phillip 'ImperialHal' Dosen is one of the bossier Apex Legends team leaders. He is bossy because he takes training in Apex Legends ranked and tournaments seriously and can actually direct very well. He's usually picked on because of how often he starts yelling and pointing out mistakes due to his position.

Nevertheless, one of the critics caught his eye, and he decided to call him out. ImperialHal offered to give this viewer a chance to explain himself and to encourage the viewer; he said he would ban them if their reasoning wasn't sound. Now, the viewer was caught between a rock and a hard place.

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Apex Legends Ban

In chat, there was a message saying, "Does Hal even do anything wrong?" which was a criticism of ImperialHal's leadership style. Criticizing someone has to be for something they did, such as when Hal ran away from a fight in one of our articles. MrGoa1993, as he is known on Twitch, picked the worst possible time to offer criticism.

Here is Hal catching the comment.

It appears, as ImperialHal states in this next clip, that the viewer did not answer and might have left the stream after being called out. Odd coincidence:

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While ImperialHal gives a lot of criticism and sometimes goes too far, his job as a leader is to give instructions and correct others. They are fine with it and joke about him when they are not. Streamers don't appreciate amateurs who voice their opinions without defending them.

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