"Stop F***ing Pissing Me Off!" - ImperialHal Explodes at His Apex Legends Teammates

Phillip 'ImperialHal' Dosen leads his team in Apex Legends ranked. He tells them where they need to improve and mess up, and they have to listen to him. Normally, that goes smoothly, but it was very awkward this time.

ImperialHal and his team lost a firefight, so he looked at a clip to see what happened. ImperialHal examined it and gave some advice, but his partner took it a little too seriously. Hal became irate and yelled at him.

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Apex Legends Rage

ImperialHal is known to have a temper, but this one surprised even him. It was like he didn't like people thinking he was saying something he didn't intend to—so he got angry. Here is the clip:

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For those who couldn't understand, he said:

"I'm not blaming you for the whole thing, I'm just trying to help you with a mistake! I believe that you need to throw your DPL earlier so that they can bubble in a bad spot! You threw your DPL F***ing late! Stop f***ing pissing me off! I say one thing and you think I'm blaming you for the whole situation! Stop thinking like that… Both of you, stop thinking like that. It's pissing me off."

His teammate was just trying to agree to make him stop getting angry. It was awkward.

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