ImperialHal Doesn't Like The New Apex Legends Map

The new Apex Legends map is not universally loved. A viewer posed a question to Phillip 'ImperialHal' Dosen regarding the new map, and he had nothing good to say about it. Since he leads TSM's Apex Legends pro team, his opinion is valued.

According to ImperialHal, the map has "too much position disparity." This means that there are some great places on the map, but other spots have terrible placements. There should be a balance where everything is equal and only good if the player can capitalize.

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Apex Legends new map

To quote ImperialHal on the new Apex Legends map:

"It's eh. I don't know. I like the map, but at the same time, I don't. The map just feels, like, in terms of loot, it feels fine. But like, the areas of the map feel uneven if that makes sense."

Some spots appear to be better than others on the map, giving the feeling of being uneven. He continues:

"There's just like a lot of spots in the map that… Are like power positions, compared to other positions that are just dog s***... It's kind of like Olympus but better though."

Here is the full video:

There are many issues with the new map, but that's expected when things are new. Some argue that the developers should raise the map's player limit, while others say the loot distribution is incorrect. Change is inevitable, and not everyone will be happy every time.

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