iiTzTimmy Uses Handcam To Prove He Earned Apex Legends Predator Rank On His Own

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Timmy "iiTzTimmy" An achieved an unbelievable feat in Apex Legends for those who didn't know. To get from Bronze rank to Predator rank, he live-streamed Apex Legends for 54 straight hours. There is some doubt because many other streamers have gotten to Predator rank but had very high-class teammates.

iiTzTimmy was unmoved; he proved, outright, that he had earned his place among the predators. Observing the comments, he seems to be better after the live stream than before. He clearly puts a lot of focus into the game, as you can see his hand moving all over the table.


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iiTzTimmy took a much-needed break after his 54-hour live stream. Afterward, Apex Legends sent him a congratulatory tweet along with a warning to not do it again. However, if you look at this video of his hand, it's no doubt that he became a master after that live stream. NOTE: We do not recommend playing any game for a long period of time.


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I use one of those long mousepads, but it looks worth it if you can afford the big desks that become a mouse pad. This is the kind of clicking level that needs a high-tech mouse and keyboard to handle all of the inputs. iiTzTimmy skill is enough to be CourageJD's next Apex Legends Duo's partner.

What many people should keep in mind is that iiTzTimmy still dies in the video. It's normal to lose, even when you're this cracked. iiTzTimmy also doesn't take it to heart, and he's a good sportsman.

Regardless of what others thought of how iiTzTimmy played, this shows he has the skill to carry any team. He is currently a Content Creator for Loaded, but his skill is enough to compete in any pro tournament. We wish iiTzTimmy the best and recommend he takes a lot of stretching for his wrists because they're about to be on fire.